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 We are loving the long-form, multimedia style of Semaine’s interviews. This honest (and often hilarious) interview with Jemima Kirke is one of our favorites. 

Holi Hai Portland

Source: Eventbrite

If you've seen our eyeshadow hues, you know we’re all about colors at Alima Pure. Right here in Portland, the Indian Holi Hai Festival celebrates “the coming of spring, the joy of friendship, and equality for all.” Plus it's a fun excuse to throw brightly-colored chalk all over friends (and strangers).


Oregon Cat Video

Source: Oregon Cat Video Festival

If you aren't able to attend Portland’s 41st annual Foreign Film Festival before it closes on March 1st, don’t worry—you can still catch the Oregon Cat Video Festival on March 11th. 


Goodwin Zach and Lex

Source: Goodwin

We love this small glimpse into the sweet relationship between Goodwin photographer, Zachary Gay, and his girlfriend, a law student named Lex. The beautiful disposable camera images will bring you back.


Alison Wu self care Alima Pure

Source: Alison Wu

Some helpful tips to incorporate self-care into our busy lives, from Portland blogger, Alison Wu.
Darling Magazine asked a variety of women what self-love means to them and we are loving the range of answers.

21c museums

Source: 21C Museum Hotels

Two of our favorite worlds collide at the 21C Museum Hotels: art and comfy beds. There are 8 awe-inspiring locations.
Snow all week in Portland, so warm Butternut Squash Baked Pasta from Bon Appetit seems like the obvious choice. Sign us up!
And finally, we really enjoyed Lupita Nyongo'o's reflections on hair and so much more in the March issue of Allure.
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