Satin Matte Foundation: Ingredient Spotlight

Alima Pure Satin Matte Foundation

Finding your best Satin Matte Foundation match is the beginning of a beautiful friendship. Satin Matte Foundation gives you buildable coverage that hugs your skin and stays fresh all day. It builds evenly in sheer layers for smooth, comfortable coverage that looks like your skin at its very best. It evens skin tone while it minimizes pores and smoothes the skin. Satin Matte Mineral Foundation is made with 4 pure, finely milled mineral ingredients that are blended to make 45 shades of smooth matte coverage.

So, about those 4 amazing ingredients that can do so many amazing things together… What are they, and how do they make for such effective, soothing coverage for all skin types?


Cosmetic-grade mica is one of our most frequently used mineral ingredients. We use both lustrous and shimmering forms of mica in our Highlighter, Radiant Finishing Powders, eyeshadows, and more. We use opacifying matte forms of mica in many of our matte products for the face, cheeks, and eyes--especially Satin Matte Foundation. Mica gives a soft, silky texture to the loose powder that allows it to blend easily and soothe the skin.

Iron Oxides

Iron oxides are derived from purified, oxidized iron and used as mineral colorants. We use a red, yellow, and black iron oxides in Satin Matte Foundation to achieve a robust range of 45 diverse shades and 5 undertones. Read up on the different pigments used to achieve our Satin Matte Foundation shades here.

Zinc Oxide

Zinc oxide is a white mineral colorant that is found in nature as zincite. It soothes and nourishes the skin with anti-microbial and healing properties. Like opacifying mica, zinc oxide also helps to put the matte in Satin Matte Foundation, giving it a weightless coverage that minimizes pores and fine lines. We also use zinc oxide in our Balancing Primer Powder and Concealer to help you achieve fuller coverage.

Titanium Dioxide

Titanium dioxide is the naturally-occurring dioxide of Titanium that we use as a white colorant and opacifying agent, which emboldens every shade for richly-pigmented formulas. It also has a high refractive index, which helps protect your skin from UV rays. Both zinc oxide and titanium dioxide can act as physical sunblock, but since Satin Matte Foundation is applied in such sheer layers, we always recommend using additional sun protection under your makeup to care for your skin.

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