Ingredient Spotlight: Avocado Oil

We know avocado is great on toast, but did you know it’s also great on your face? Avocado Oil is found in our Pressed Eyeshadow, Cream Concealer, Eye Primer, and Smooth + Prime. As a rich source of oleic fatty acid, avocado oil firms and hydrates the delicate skin on your face.

Avocado oil has long been used as a remedy for dry, itchy skin and chapped lips, so it makes sense that it has found a home for itself in natural makeup. Many people think that avocado oil is an essential oil, but it is actually what is known as a “carrier oil’. This means it is pressed from the seeds, nuts, and fat of the fruit. Carrier oils have no scent which makes avocado oil an excellent choice for sensitive skin.

  • In our Pressed Eyeshadow, avocado oil works to hydrate the eye area and promotes skin elasticity.
  • In our Cream Concealer, avocado oil promotes collagen production and helps keep skin looking hydrated and firm.
  • In Eye Primer and Smooth + Prime avocado oil works to lend the primers their smooth texture and helps keep skin looking nourished and well-hydrated.

Some of our staffers even swear by using avocado oil as a gentle makeup remover, moisturizer, or hair mask.

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