From the Chair: Mini Blending Brush

Alima Pure cruelty free mini blending brush

Our Makeup Artist, Hannah, is back to tell us her tips and tricks for using the Mini Blending Brush. As the third week of our birthday kicks off, we are including a complimentary Mini Blending Brush in all orders $50+. 

What products does it pair well with?

HR: The Mini Blending Brush works great with all of our eyeshadows but my personal favorite is our Pressed Eyeshadow. I use this brush with our Highlighter to give my brow and cheekbones a soft glow and with Bronzer to lightly contour smaller areas of the face. I’ve also heard from several people that it is their favorite tool for applying concealer, so there are endless pairings.

How do I use the Mini Blending Brush?

HR: Like all of our brushes, the Mini Blending is extremely soft and gentle on your skin. I like to use this as my all-in-one eye brush. Using the wide end of the brush, I do a sheer wash of color over the whole lid to create a smooth, even base. Next, using the narrow end, I apply the same tone and build the pigmentation in the crease. Then blend, blend, blend. Voila, you will achieve a diffused, beautiful look in seconds.

What other brushes pair well with the Mini Blending Blush?

HR: The Mini Blending Brush is a great tool to blend and diffuse shades, hence the name. I often reach for this brush because my daily look is fairly simple and this tool is all I need. If I’m going for something more elaborate I will apply a light base shade with the Allover Shadow Brush over the entire lid and brow bone. I will take that same brush and add a pop of color or mid-tone shade to the lower center of the lid. Then I’ll use our Contour Shadow Brush to define the crease with a deeper tone and then blend and soften the whole look with the Mini Blending. For more impact, I finish the look by smudging a deep shade along the lash line with the Precision Angle Brush.

How do you recommend caring for brushes?

HR: Keeping your brushes clean is important and easy. Follow our simple step by step to keep your brushes fresh and ready to go.

1. Dampen bristles with warm water and lather gently with mild soap or shampoo. Angle the bristles downward to avoid getting water inside the handle.

2. Rinse under warm running water until the water runs clear and soap is thoroughly removed.

3. Blot the brush well with a dry cloth and gently reshape.

4. Lay your brush flat, and allow it to air-dry completely before using.

Looking for more brushes to complete your collection? We have you covered.


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