Swatched + Reviewed: Radiant Finishing Powder

Radiant Finishing Powder Blend

What is Radiant Finishing Powder, exactly?

Our resident makeup artist and brand director have both heralded Radiant Finishing Powder as one of the most versatile product in our entire line. This setting powder/highlighter/bronzer/blush can be worn with the rest of your makeup, or solo. Applied with the Soft Focus Brush, Powder Brush, or Blush Brush, it adds a poreless, slightly dewy finish to your complexion. Applied with a smaller brush like the Highlighter Brush or Mini Blending Brush, it adds a subtle sun kissed finish to more targeted areas, like a toned-down highlighter. You can wear it as a brightening neutral eyeshadow, or make your lips look fuller by blending it into the Cupid’s bow. Try blending Radiant Finishing Powder with your favorite face oil or serum to create a creamy liquid luminizer that you can blend with your fingertips.

Radiant Finishing Powder

Is Radiant Finishing Powder for me?

Because of its versatility, we think Radiant Finishing Product is a great product to have on hand. Whether you’re headed for a tropical vacation, prefer a slightly dewy finish to your foundation, or want just one product that does at least four different things, Radiant Finishing Powder is a winner. Depending on your skin tone, each shade is versatile in its own way.  If you’re looking for a finishing powder that’s more matte than glow, Radiant Finishing Powder’s non-dewy sister, Satin Finishing Powder, is right up your alley. Radiant Finishing Powder Arm Swatches

Olympia, left, is very subtle on my Olive 1 skin. I use it as a true finishing powder to extend the wear of my foundation. Augusta (center) and Sedona (right) are both versatile choices for adding warmth and depth to my skin as a bronzer, blush, or eyeshadow. 

How is Radiant Finishing Powder different from Highlighter or Bronzer?

Radiant Finishing Powder is a best-of-both worlds middle ground product in that respect. It’s got a warm, bronzy finish that definitely helps to give off sunny vibes, but it also has a little bit of glow. While our Bronzers are matte, and our Highlighters are luminous enough that a small amount in a targeted area is usually enough, Radiant Finishing Powder can be worn over your whole face, if that’s what you’re into. 

What do customers say about it?

“It’s very natural and goes on silky smooth.” - Jeanne

“It gives my skin a more moisturized and vibrant quality throughout the day without looking shiny.” -Madeline

“It makes me feel like I’ve spent a day getting sun kissed and I love it.” -Tori 

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