Under the Radar: Our Most Versatile Brushes

Brush and Eyeshadow Compacts

Choosing our three favorite brushes is both very difficult (and entirely subjective), so we’ve compiled a list of brushes that might not immediately come to mind when you think of your everyday staple brushes, but are so incredibly versatile. If you had just these three brushes, you’d be covered for everything from foundation, blush and eyeshadow to highlighter, brows, liner and more.

Mini Blending Brush

Mini Blending Brush BlogIts fluffy, angled shape is perfect for hugging the contours of your eyes and cheekbones for targeted blending. We love using it for adding extra Cream Concealer coverage under your eyes, or near your nose because its angles can easily accommodate small places. It’s a great multipurpose brush for eyeshadow (we love it for thick, smoky cateye shadow, or highlighting the brow bone and inner corner. It’s small enough for adding subtle Highlighter or Contour Powder to your cheekbones, but fluffy enough for a seamless, well-blended finish.

Soft Focus Brush

Soft Focus Brush


Not only is the Soft Focus Brush luxuriously fluffy, it’s designed to diffuse pigment, so it’s impossible to put on too much product. Intended for those who shy away from Luminous Shimmer Blush or wearing Bronzer, the Soft Focus Brush ensures a natural finish. Blend a small amount of your favorite bold blush, Radiant Finishing Powder, or Bronzer to your cheekbones. Apply Contour Powder near your jawline and hairline with the Soft Focus Brush. It’s also an ideal stippling brush for a sheer, dewy application of Liquid Silk Foundation. Dot a small amount of Liquid Silk Foundation onto your cheeks, nose and forehead, and blend away from your nose using gentle circular strokes. The double-layered bristles ensure a smooth, seamless finish that looks like your actual skin at its very best.

Precision Angle Brush

Precision Angle Brush

The Precision Angle Brush is our go-to brow essential for filling brows with mineral powder or Pressed Eyeshadow in Phantom. An excellent multi-purpose brush, but one of our favorite uses is for tightlining the lashes with a bright spring color. We love Siren with blue eyes, and Dusk with brown and green eyes. To create a rich, smudgy smoky eye, start with a Natural Definition Eye Pencil in along the upper and lower lashlines, and use the Precision Angle Brush to gently smudge the liner on your upper lids toward the crease. Follow with your favorite smoky eyeshadow applied with the Mini Blending Brush.

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