Our Go-To Spring Eye Pencil Colors

Natural Definition Eye Pencil and Eyeshadows

The time for spring color experiments is here! If you’re curious about working more vibrant colors into your makeup routine, our range of Natural Definition Eye Pencils is a great place to start. Here’s how we’re wearing Natural Definition Eye Pencils in Merlot, Slate, Indigo and Paper this spring, plus the eyeshadows we’re pairing them with at the office and after hours.

A warm-toned burgundy with a hint of brown brings out green tones in your eyes, makes blue eyes pop, and is soft enough to blend in with your lashes (if that’s what you’re going for).Merlot

Easy Office Makeup: Use short outward strokes to line outer half of your upper and lower lashlines. Blend for Satin Matte Eyeshadow in Auburn on the outer third of your lids and into the crease with the Mini Blending Brush for a subtle neutral that accentuates to your eye shape and color.

Bold Move: Start with Eye Primer, and apply a few layers of Merlot to create thick winged liner. Apply Pearluster Eyeshadow in Cimarron over the top with the Precision Angle Brush to amp up the finish. A straight edge is helpful for getting even, clean edges with Merlot.

Universally-flattering steel gray is subtle and soft, while still adding interest and definition to your eyes.Slate

Easy Office Makeup: Add a smudgy hint of Slate along your lower lashline. Pair Slate with a swipe of your favorite Pressed Eyeshadow, blended with a fingertip across your lids. Slate is beautiful with a brightening eyeshadow color like Icon.

Bold Move: Start with Eye Primer to ensure vibrant, long-lasting color payoff. Use Slate as a base for a taupe-gray smoky eye from lid to crease. Use the Mini Blending Brush to layer Pearluster Eyeshadow in Vertigo over Slate, and add additional layers to build your desired intensity.

Deep, shimmering blue pencil accentuates blue eyes, and brings out the warmth in brown and green eyes.Indigo

Easy Office Makeup: Tightline with Indigo along the upper lashline to bring out the blue in your eyes, or to make brown eyes pop. Pair with a subtle, brightening eyeshadow on your inner corner and brow bone, like Pressed Eyeshadow in Zephyr or Mirage. You can apply it with your fingers, making this a brush-free go-to that’s great for time-sensitive Monday mornings.

Bold Move: Try the reverse cat eye--blue liner is a great choice because it’s deep enough to add intensity and draw attention to the eyes, but it’s still fresh and colorful. Draw a smooth line along the lower lashline, adding an upward wing at the outer corner. Pair Indigo with a light copper finish on your upper lid with Pearluster Eyeshadow in Camel. Applying Camel with the diffusing Highlighter Brush leaves a subtle smoky-bronze finish, and keep the focus on bold Indigo.

We love Paper as a brightening base for bright, colorful shadows or for an edgy, graphic white line.Paper

Easy Office Makeup: Channel dreamy 60’s vibes with Paper on the lower lashline, and smudge it slightly with near the center of your eye with the Contour Shadow Brush or your fingertip. Pair it with a neutral Pressed Eyeshadow--like Ethereal, and a rich, smooth coat of black Natural Definition Mascara.

Bold Move: Use Paper as a base for a long-lasting, bold eyeshadow color with a rich matte finish. Start with Eye Primer, and while it’s setting, warm up Paper on the back of your hand for extra color impact. Use the side edge of Paper to lay a base from lashline to crease, and follow with your favorite eyeshadow color--like Satin Matte Eyeshadow in Cobalt applied with a slightly damp Allover Shadow Brush.