Alima Pure Staff Favorites

Alima Pure Staff favorites

To celebrate week three of our birthday month, we are giving you 15% off of every order! We invite you to use the code CELEBRATE at checkout. Not sure where to start? We've asked our marketing team to share their current favorites.


Alima Pure Brand Director Sara's favorite products

Sara, Brand Director: “If I do nothing else, I do my brows with our Natural Definition Brow Pencil in Brunette and Spoolie. I love how it frames the face, draws attention to the eyes, and takes so little effort. I wear Radiant Finishing Powder in Olympia or Satin Finishing Powder in Keiko most days. They are great for subtle, natural coverage. I use our Lip Tint in Calla, mostly on the cheeks.”


Alima Pure Wholesale Manager Candice's favorite products

Candice, Wholesale Manager: “I wear Radiant Finishing Powder in Augusta. It gives me that kissed by the sun look without spending much time in the sun. Satin Matte Blush in Melon is a great color all year, but really nice for summer. Lip Tint in Poppy is great for travel and I can use this shade on the eyes, cheeks, and lips.”


Alima Pure Education and Media Relations Manager Hannah's favorite products

Hannah, Education and Media Relations: “I opt for Cream Concealer in Echo rather than a full face of foundation. I just like to brighten up under eyes or any other little spots that need attention. Our Lip Tint in Paprika is the only shade I care about. It is warm and summery and looks really natural with my coloring. I use it wherever I want a flush of color: cheeks, lips, eyes. I have really light, sparse brows, so I like to amp them up a bit. I feel more pulled together if I’ve done my brows using the Spoolie and our Natural Definition Brow Pencil in Blonde.”


Alima Pure Digital Marketing Specialist Kathy's favorite products

Kathy, Digital Marketing Manager: “I use Highlighter in Lumina and I love how it highlights the top of my cheeks and my eyebrow arch. Pressed Foundation in Aspen neutralizes the redness around my nose. The Natural Definition Eye Pencil glides on and lasts all day.”


 Alima Pure Content Strategist Grace's favorite products

Grace, Content Strategist: “I was never really a bronzer or eyeshadow person until I started working at Alima Pure. The shades wear so naturally and feel lightweight. My current faves are our Bronzer in Maracaibo and our Satin Matte Eyeshadows in Fleur and Camellia. I always wear our Eye Primer under eyeshadow. My current brush crush is the Soft Focus Brush. I also like to have some fun eyeshadow colors on hand, and recently I've been wearing Pearluster Eyeshadow in either Cypress or Cappuccino as eyeliner.”


Buy all your favorites with code CELEBRATE and save 15% on your purchase. If you have any makeup questions or would like help selecting a shade, please reach out to us at