Retail Partner Spotlight: Content Beauty & Wellbeing

Bye Bye PerfectSource: Content Beauty & Wellbeing

We’ve been major fans of Imelda Burke and the Content Beauty & Wellbeing Boutique in London for a long time now. Imelda’s been a pioneer in the U.K.’s green beauty market, bringing a wealth of natural makeup, skincare, perfume, and more green beauty essentials to her shop in London. She’s even Emma Watson’s go-to green beauty guru. (We definitely happy danced when we saw Emma rocking Natural Definition Brow Pencil on her most recent press tour!)

Specializing in award-winning skincare treatments, and “Detox Your Makeup Bag” services, Content Beauty & Wellbeing is all about providing its customers with a high-end green beauty ritual. Their selection of products is carefully crafted around principles of safe, high-performing ingredients from brands that share those values. They've created an equally luxurious and sustainable space for customers learn more about and indulge in green beauty.

Content’s brand selection process is careful and thorough, ensuring everything in their offering is free of synthetic chemicals, and that every product’s performance meets their tip-top standards. We proudly cheer them on in their new campaign to get rid of the word “perfect” from the beauty industry--especially in the ways that we talk about beauty products. Be sure to check it out on Instagram, too!

Check Alima Pure at Content Beauty and Wellbeing here.