Ask An Artist: Your SPF Questions, Answered

We receive a lot of questions about SPF in our products.  We thought it may be helpful to address some of the most common SPF questions we're asked and offer some easy tricks and tips to make SPF under makeup look seamless.
So let’s break it down.
Do your products contain sunscreen?
Two of the primary ingredients in many of our loose powder products act as natural, physical sunblocks: Titanium Oxide (CI 77891) and Zinc Oxide (CI 77947). But, we still think you should wear a separate sunscreen every day. Even when makeup has SPF in it, most of us don’t apply it in thick enough layers to get proper sun protection from it. Don't forget to show your lips some love too. This sun protector works well under our Lip Tints. 
What is the best way to apply sunscreen under makeup?
We like to recommend beginning your morning routine with any skincare steps you like (moisturizer, serum) and allowing a few minutes for these to sink in. After your face feels dry to the touch, add a layer of sunscreen (SPF 30 or higher) and give it a few minutes to dry. We suggest following SPF using our Balancing Primer Powder or Smooth + Prime, which both help create a layer on which your makeup can hold. Then proceed with your makeup as normal! 
If I apply foundation over sunscreen with a brush, aren't I just rubbing the SPF off?
When you allow your sunscreen to properly absorb, and use a light touch with your brush, your SPF is very unlikely to come off. Topping your foundation with one of our loose powder products like Satin Finishing Powder or Radiant Finishing Powder may also help to offset any shine from the sunscreen in and give it a little extra boost from the Titanium Dioxide.
Do you recommend any specific sunscreen?
All of our staffers use different brands of sunscreen, and we know there are lots of good choices out there. We recommend picking a natural formula whenever possible (and always if swimming near coral reefs.) A few of our fav SPF brands include Coola, Badger, Marie Veronique, Kypris Beauty, Raw Elements, and Acure.  

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