Ask An Artist: Blush


Today, our Makeup Artist, Hannah, is answering questions about our Satin Matte Blush and Luminous Shimmer Blush that she has received recently from our customers. Keep the great questions coming our way! We love when you reach out to us directly at with any questions or feedback.


How do I use a loose powder blush? I always end up with too much product. -Emma

  • Pick up a bit of blush with a soft brush (we like the Blush Brush), and swirl in the lid of your blush jar to evenly distribute the powder. Give it a little tap. You should see only a bit of powder on the bristles of the brush.
  • Apply your blush in a gentle arc from the apples of your cheeks (smile and you can't miss them) outward and slightly up. It is best not to bring the color all the way to your hairline. Blend outward and slightly down for a natural effect.
  • If you feel you've over-applied, you can always tone down the color or the shimmer with a light sweep of our Satin Finishing Powder or Satin Matte Foundation
  • What brush is best to apply blush with? -Amanda

    We recommend applying our blushes with the Blush Brush. Our Sculpting Brush is also an excellent choice for a more precise application, and our Soft Focus Brush gives a light, sheer touch of color.

    Do you have a peachy-pink with golden highlights type blush? -Laura

    We receive variations of this question a lot! If you’re looking for this sort of blush shade, we think you will love our Luminous Shimmer Blush in Freja  It is a gold-flecked peach that flatters most skin tones—especially those with neutral undertones.

     I'm having a difficult time trying to decide which color of blush would look good on my skin tone. Would you have any recommendations for me? -Allison

    Do you wear Warm or Beige foundation? Try peachy, coral or brick-red shades. Apricot, Sahara, Lily, Mimosa, Honey Rose, or Melon might work well.

    Do you have a cool undertone? Look for something with a rosy or pink undertone. You might like Apple Blossom, Antique Rose, Rosa, Pink, Black Raspberry, Leigh or Garnet.

    Do you wear an Olive or Neutral foundation? You can wear all the undertones! Play up the warmth of your skin with warm blushes or try a more muted look with a cool blush.

    Are your shimmer blushes really glittery? -Lindsay

    Our Luminous Shimmer Blush isn't sparkly or glittery. It gives the face a wash of shimmer made from mineral ingredients. Freja, Lily, or Leigh are a great starting point if you’re hesitant about shimmer. They’re made from a matte mineral base and are mixed with a hint of shimmer for a subtle, brightening glow. Sahara, Rosa, Garnet, and Black Raspberry offer a more concentrated shimmer effect for a radiant gleam.

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