Pre-Season Bronzing Tips

Alima Pure Bronzer

It’s time for a heart-to-heart bronzersation. Portland has been pleasantly sunny this February, which has us in the AP office thinking about warmer, sun-loaded days ahead. Below are three brush and bronzer combos we recommend for a jumpstart on your luminous glow—no rays required.

Alima Pure Soft Focus Brush

Bronzer + Soft Focus Brush

Our matte Bronzer comes in three different shades designed to flatter a spectrum of skin tones. True Life: I used to avoid bronzer because I couldn’t find a shade that appeared natural on my fair skin. Our bronzer is a game changer because it is a buildable, satin matte formula that mirrors the natural finish of real skin. We recommend tapping the bronzer into the lid of the jar, then gently swirling the Soft Focus Brush into the lid so the brush picks up a light coating of powder. Sweep bronzer over those areas of your face that naturally catch the sun.

Alima Pure Liquid Silk Foundation

Liquid Silk Foundation + Liquid Foundation Brush

For a dewy bronzed look that we’re loving, try Liquid Silk Foundation that is 1 to 2 shades deeper than your usual foundation shade. For example, a person who wears Liquid Silk Foundation in Dream would achieve a natural-looking glow by applying Spice or Suede as a bronzer. A tiny amount goes a long way with this look (start with about the size of a popcorn kernel) and using our Liquid Foundation Brush, gently tap over the cheekbones, brow bones, forehead, and the bridge of your nose. Winter skin is often under-hydrated, so this liquid look helps skin to appear both sun-kissed and moisturized. One thing to note is that Liquid Silk Foundation applies best over a liquid base, so we would not recommend layering it over a powder. It layers beautifully over Smooth + Prime or on top of your usual Liquid Silk Foundation.

Alima Pure
Radiant Finishing Powder + Sculpting Brush

Our Radiant Finishing Powder is an unsung hero of the bronzing world. It is formulated with a blend of illuminating, lustrous highlighter and velvety matte translucent finishing powder. The result is a sheer, pore-blurring finish that gives your skin a warm, luminous glow. Our Sculpting Brush is the ideal tool for precisely applying Radiant Finishing Powder where the sun would naturally hit your face—on the bridge of your nose, brow bones, cheeks, and forehead.


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