Alima Pure Staff Picks: Kara

Alima Pure Staff Kara

If you’ve checked out Alima Pure’s Instagram account, then you have likely seen pictures of the inspiring women, gorgeous scenes, and baby animals Kara’s quirky and creative mind curates for our feed. Or maybe you’ve even seen sunny Kara herself, giving a Pressed Foundation tutorial in Instagram stories. On our team, Kara adds brightness to the office on these gray winter days in the form of Cobalt Satin Matte Eyeshadow, a vintage 80s ski sweater, or by bringing her adorable new puppy, Lula, to play. Here’s a list of what’s currently occupying Kara’s thoughts, including her Alima Pure essentials:

Alima Pure


Every day I wear Cream Concealer in Echo, Pressed Foundation in Nutmeg, Luminous Shimmer Blush in Leigh...I like sparkles. I always wear our Highlighter in Lumina. I do something different with my eyes day to day, but Natural Definition Mascara in Black always.


alima Pure Matcha


Andy, my husband, and I just got a matcha kit. So we’ve been doing that almost every morning, and it’s fun. We’re playing with different ways to make it and add things to it.

Sunshine, vacations, being able to wear not sweaters, picnics…

Listening To

I listen to the Tim Ferriss podcast because he interviews really cool people. Also Nocturn, On Being, anything that Gimlet Media produces. I love Spotify, I listen every day. I’m now re-obsessed with Four Tets, specifically the song Daughter, and I really like Bibio’s new album— it’s really atmospheric and lovely.



Source: @booooooom, photo by @marcalcock


I always like accounts that feature a variety of art. I really like @booooooom. I love their curation—that guy also does @chillwilldlife and I think I just like his brain. One is artsy and interesting, and then the other one is hilarious animals.




We are going to start planning something we do yearly with our friends called Invisible City. It’s a retreat—we’ve done it in the Alvord Desert in Oregon and we’ve done it in the Olympic National Forest where we will hopefully do it again. It’s music, art, dance, workshops for a weekend in July.


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