Guest Blog: Anna with Alavita Nutrition

Today we have a special guest: registered dietitian and co-founder of Alavita, Anna Bohnengel is taking over the Alima Pure blog. Anna has tips, tricks, and even a sweet recipe to help you enhance your skin from the inside out with vitamin E. And after you’ve read Anna’s post, we would love for you to head over to Alavita Nutrition to learn more about the amazing online programs Anna and her co-founder, Megan, have designed to support women before, during, and after their fertility journeys. You can also check out the Alima Pure guest post today on their blog!


Vitamin E: Enhance your Skincare Routine from the Inside Out


If you care about your skin, about keeping it healthy, supple, and glowy (which we know you do), then we need to talk about vitamin E. Vitamin E is an antioxidant with an esthetician’s job. Technically known as tocopherols and tocotrienols, it keeps your skin healthy by:

Providing UV protection: Vitamin E protects your skin from sunlight damage. This is a big a deal. It means a reduced chance of skin cancer and skin damage.

Reducing inflammation: Puffy is not a sought-after look unless you're a marshmallow. Thankfully, vitamin E can help take down the swelling through its anti-inflammatory properties.

MoisturizingVitamin E can improve your skin’s ability to hold on to hydration.

The savvy creators of Alima Pure already know this. That’s why you’ll find several forms of vitamin E in Alima Pure's Pressed Eyeshadow, Cream Concealer, Eye Primer, Smooth + Prime, Liquid Silk Foundation, Pressed Foundation and more.


I’m here to talk about how you can complement your skincare routine with food-based sources of vitamin E.

Here’s the deal: vitamin E is not a singular compound. To reap the full beauty benefits, your skin needs a variety of the α-, β-, γ-, and δ-tocopherols and tocotrienols. By applying topically in your skincare products, along with eating foods rich in vitamin E, you’re giving your skin that perfect combo for beautiful skin.

Now, here’s where it gets good.


Vitamin E occurs naturally in foods you love like avocado and almonds, with sunflower seeds as the number one best source per serving. To inspire your culinary-beauty routine, we created this Sunflower-Honey Beauty Bars recipe. Pair with Greek yogurt for breakfast or take on-the-go for a sweet snack.

Click here for recipe.
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Anna Bohnengel, MS, RD, LD is a dietitian and co-founder of Alavita. Trained at the NIH, she has spent most of her career in clinical research OHSU and in private practice. Specializing in nutrition for women’s health, she focuses on helping women feel energized & confident through a fresh, simple and results-driven approach. As a new mom herself, her work is now focused on helping women enjoy a healthy pregnancy and bounce-back quickly postpartum.