From the Chair: Hannah's Favorite Alima Pure Accessories

Now that you’ve had a chance to stock up on foundation, we wanted to give you the opportunity to save on foundation's besties, our accessories. If you need some help deciding which brushes to choose, out makeup artist, Hannah, is sharing her must-have Alima Pure accessories. 

Hannah's Picks

Our Foundation Brush is the perfect tool to create beautiful natural coverage. This is our top selling brush for a reason. The bristles are full and soft so the brush builds and customizes your foundation easily. Seriously this brush is a game-changer, at least it was for me. If you have sensitive skin like I do, then switching to a gentle brush top like this will not only improve your foundation application but will truly help to keep your skin calm. The bristles are made from synthetic Taklon. It pairs perfectly with our Satin Matte Foundation and Pressed Foundation.

Soft Focus Brush

While the Foundation Brush is a staple in my routine, the Soft Focus is my most used tool. Hands down my favorite! It has two layers of bristles of different lengths to give you that “Soft Focus” look. This is my top multitasking brush because it works perfectly with so many products. It’s wispy bristles distribute a sheer wash of color so I feel free to play with bolder shades. This is my go-to tool for applying blush, bronzer, Radiant Finishing Powder, even sometimes Liquid Silk Foundation, and anything else I want to appear in a sheer, natural wash.

Mini Blending Brush

Again with the multitasker. If you are a minimalist like me this may be your favorite eye brush too. This softly angled Mini Blending Brush allows you to softly blend eyeshadow, highlighter or even a subtle contour in small places like the bridge of the nose.


Fluff your brows up or smooth them down, that’s up to you. Our Spoolie makes styling your brows a cinch. This brush is part of my daily routine. I brush my brows up, flick light strokes of our Natural Definition Brow Pencil in Blonde along any sparse areas. Then I run the Spoolie back through to blend and shape. I have one in my bag always.

Best $3 you'll spend. This pencil sharpener is great for sharpening eye or brow pencils. It sharpens to a fine tip without wasting a lot of product. I keep this in my bag so I am never caught without it.

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