From the Chair: Our Favorite Multitasking Products

In a world where we scroll Instagram while we online shop, listen to podcasts as we commute to work, and work on puzzles while we watch Wild Wild Country (...or is that just us?) it’s no surprise that we expect our products to work double-duty as often as we do. Using multitasking products saves money, space in your makeup bag, and precious time. We chatted with our Resident Makeup Artist, Hannah, about some surprising multi-use Alima Pure products. 


Radiant Finishing Powder

AP: What is the typical use for Radiant Finishing Powder?

HR: This finishing powder is the ideal product to give your skin a natural-looking glow. It can be applied on its own or over your foundation. It is lightweight so it will set your foundation and brighten your complexion.

AP: How can it be used as a multitasking product?

HR: Olympia is a great allover shade for me (I’m a Beige 2 wearer), but I often reach for Augusta instead. It is a touch deeper than my skin tone so I use it as a bronzer. I sweep on a sheer layer over my cheeks, along my hairline, and jaw. Radiant Finishing Powder also moonlights as a beautiful eyeshadow. It gives my eyes a subtle pop. It will always be one my go-to products because it instantly boosts the look of my skin and gives it a healthy glow. Radiant Finishing Powder is basically sunkissed skin in a jar.

Lip Tint

AP: What is our Lip Tint’s primary job?

HR: Our Lip Tints are a lightly tinted lip treatment. They keep your lips hydrated while giving them a hint of color. The best part is they are buildable! You can pat on a sheer layer without even looking, or really build it up for a bolder splash of color.

AP: How does our Lip Tint multitask?

HR: Every single shade of Lip Tint can be worn as a blush. I warm up a little up between my fingertips, and then blend it on the apples of my cheeks. The creamy texture gives your skin a beautiful glow that looks completely natural. Plus, using the same lip and cheek color will effortlessly tie your whole look together.

Pressed Eyeshadow

AP: Okay you know the deal, what is the main appeal of Pressed Eyeshadow?

HR: Our Pressed Eyeshadows have a super silky texture and great color payoff. They can be worn in endless combinations to deliver natural-looking dimension to the eye, or a fun pop of color. It all depends on the mood and look you want to evoke that day.

AP: How does our Pressed Eyeshadow work double-duty?

HR: We have a great range of pearly nudes for every skin tone, which means they make great highlighters too. I use my finger to blend my personal favorite, Isla, along my brow bone, inner corner of the eye, bridge of the nose, and cupid's bow. Our Highlighter Brush is a great tool to use if finger application isn’t your thing. Try Isla for fair to medium neutral skin tones, Gamine for fair to medium, cool skin, or Luxe for medium to deep skin tones. Read next: From the Chair: Hannah's Favorite Alima Pure Accessories.

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