From the Chair: Selecting a Find Your Match Set

Maybe you've decided the best way to discover that naturally-gorgeous foundation shade for your skin is to order a Find Your Match Set. (And you would be right--that's totally the way to do it!) Your set will include 10 Satin Matte Foundation samples, the Kabuki Brush, and a credit for $10 a full size foundation. Our makeup artist has weighed in on the whole process to make it as seamless as your foundation coverage will soon be.


Step 1: Select Your Set

When shopping for a Find Your Match Set, choose the number you think best corresponds to your skin tone’s depth (how light or dark it is). We have grouped together every shade of foundation for each level of depth, so each set contains an assortment of Cool, Neutral, Beige, Warm and Olive tones for you to try. Read on to find the set that most closely resembles your skin tone...


Set #1: You are the fairest of them all. You easily burn in the sun. You likely wear the lightest shade in other brands, or often find shades appear too dark. You will easily find a match with this set. Your skin tone's depth might resemble Nicole Kidman's or Emma Stone's.

Set #2: Your skin is fair to light. You may burn with initial sun exposure. You are likely the lightest or second lightest shade in other lines. The depth of your skin tone might resemble Gwyneth Paltrow's or Jennifer Lawrence's.

Set #3: You have light skin. You can build a tan with regular exposure, but may initially burn. Perhaps you wear the second or third shade in most other lines. The depth of your skin tone may resemble Jennifer Aniston's or Natalie Portman's.  

Set #4: You have light-medium skin, rarely burn, and tan well. If you often fall in between light and medium shades depending on the season, you’ll find a match in here. Your skin tone's depth may resemble Eva Mendes's or Alicia Vikander's.

Set #5: You have a true medium skin tone. You tan easily and never burn. You’re the inspiration behind the term “bronze goddess.” Your skin tone's depth may resemble Beyoncé's or Tina Turner's.

Set #6: Your skin is medium to deep. While your skin may deepen with sun exposure, you don't ever burn. The depth of your skin tone may resemble Michelle Obama's or Mindy Kaling's.

Set #7: Your skin tone is deep.  You are likely the deepest or next-to-deepest shade in other foundation lines.Your skin tone may resemble Angela Bassett's or Kelly Rowland's.

Set #8: Though you may have had trouble finding a deep enough shade in the past, those days are behind you. This set has a selection of deeply pigmented shades to match your rich skin tone, which may resemble Viola Davis's or Lupita Nyong'o's.


Step 2: Order Your Set

Order your set.  Once it arrives, tear it open with excitement, because your best foundation match ever awaits!


Step 3: Test Your Shades

Use the Kabuki Brush to swatch each shade down your cheek and onto your jawline. Compare each shade in a well-lit setting (ideally with natural light). Identify if there are shades that appear too light, too dark, too pink or too yellow. Look for the shade that blends seamlessly into your skin. Behold, you have found your match! 


Step 4: Redeem $10 off Your Full-Size Satin Matte Foundation

After you've ordered your Find Your Match Set, we'll include a coupon code inside your set to redeem for $10 off your future full-size Satin Matte Foundation purchase.



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