Introducing: The AP Brush Collection Sets

Meet our AP Brush Collection, featuring four sets of  all-new luxurious custom brushes. They’re 100% cruelty free, made with sleek, sturdy handles, and duo-color taklon bristles. The AP Brushes are the expert tools you can use every single day to achieve buildable coverage and precise application for a clean, confident and modern look. Below is the complete roster of what’s included in each set, plus our makeup artist’s ideas for using each brush.


Foundation Brush, Flat Top Brush, Blush Brush, Powder Brush, Soft Focus Brush, Concealer Brush, Allover Shadow Brush, Contour Shadow Brush, Mini Blending Brush, Precision Angle Brush, Ultra-Fine Liner Brush, and Kabuki Brush 
The Complete AP Brush Collection

The Complete AP Brush Set includes all 12 newly-designed brushes, including our Face Brushes, Eye Brushes, and the Kabuki Brush.  

For on-the-go foundation application or face powder blending, the Kabuki is an excellent portable alternative. After a makeup-free flight, reach for your Kabuki to apply Pressed Foundation with Rosehip Antioxidant Complex, and use the companion sponge for extra undereye coverage before rushing off to your final destination. 


Foundation Brush, Blush Brush, Concealer Brush, Allover Shadow Brush, and Precision Angle Brush 

The AP Curated Classics Brush SetThe AP Curated Classics Brush Set includes the essential brushes you are most likely to use every single day to create your favorite minimalist makeup look, or perhaps something more dramatic. These brushes are fantastic multitaskers, and a great place to start if you are thinking about updating your toolkit.

Foundation Brush: It’s the go-to staple tool for a fresh-faced finish every single day. Build coverage in sheer layers for expert control each time you apply your Satin Matte Foundation or Pressed Foundation with Rosehip Antioxidant Complex

Pro-tip: Apply your foundation with dampened bristles for a sheer application that will dry with a matte finish.

Blush Brush: Add pop of color or subtly enhance your cheeks with a soft flush. The duo-color bristles are especially helpful here, helping you pick up just the right amount of Satin Matte Blush or Luminous Shimmer Blush so you can see exactly how it is distributed across the brush. 

Pro-tip: The Blush Brush multitasks as a contour brush for larger areas like the hollows of the cheeks and temples or as a highlighter brush for the top of your cheekbones.

Concealer Brush: Dense, tapered bristles give you concentrated full Concealer coverage for blemishes, dark circles, and redness. 

Pro-Tip: Adjust your application style depending on what you’re covering. To neutralize dark circles, apply Buttercup Color Balancing Powder and Concealer with short strokes using the flat side of the brush. To make redness or blemishes disappear, bring your grip closer to the bristles, and apply the tip directly into the to-be-concealed area for direct coverage.

Allover Shadow Brush: Apply a wash of color to your eyelids and brow bone with fluffy bristles. Layer your favorite Luminous Shimmer Eyeshadow, Satin Matte Eyeshadow, or Pearluster Eyeshadow. Discover new color combinations that accentuate your eye shape and color. 

Pro-tip: Try the Allover Shadow Brush to apply targeted Highlighter on the brow bone, bridge of your nose, and bow of the lip.

Precision Angle Brush: Sharply angled bristles are perfect for extra definition at the lash line, and filling in brows with Satin Matte Eyeshadow.

Pro-tip: Blend eyeshadows or eyeliner upward from the lashline for an easy smoky eye. Try dampening the bristles for maximum impact.


Flat Top Brush, Powder Brush, and Soft Focus Brush

The AP Face Edit includes everything you need for full, even coverage, sculpting and highlighting your features, or adding a subtle glow. The different bristle lengths and densities give you extra control over the intensity of your application, and help you blend for a natural finish.

Flat Top Brush: A favorite for Pressed Foundation with Rosehip Antioxidant Complex. Dense, flat bristles create a smooth application for all-day coverage that minimizes pores for a soft-focus finish. 

Pro-tip: Use the Flat Top Brush at a slight angle with Contour Powder to sculpt and contour the hollows of your cheeks and jawline for more defined features. Blend well.

Powder Brush: Keep your look natural and fresh by applying Satin Finishing Powder or Radiant Finishing Powder. A smaller brush with fluffy, dense bristles deposits powder just where you need it, leaving your complexion balanced and fresh. 

Pro-tip: After applying blush, contour powder, and highlighter, use the powder brush with no product to blend well before adding a finishing powder.

Soft Focus Brush: For a subtle wash of color that leaves a sheer finish, try this ultra-soft brush with duo-tier bristles for excellent distribution and extra blending. 

Pro-Tip: Perk up when you’re feeling under the weather by experimenting with a bold Luminous Shimmer Blush, Bronzer, or Radiant Finishing Powder. Collect product onto the white ends of the bristles. Press and use large circular sweeping motions to blend the pigment with the more dense black bristles. The result is a sheer, elegant finish that’s never overdone.   


 Contour Shadow Brush, Mini Blending Brush, and Ultra-Fine Liner Brush

The AP Eye Edit features makeup artist favorites for enhancing the eye with bold pigments, precision liner, and expert blending.

Contour Shadow Brush: Add depth and drama to your eyes by accentuating the crease. Densely packed and sharply tapered bristles hug the natural contours of your eye shape to add and blend pigment to your crease. Pro-Tip: For an easy smoky eye, blend your Natural Definition Eye Pencil across the lid, and gently upward toward the crease.  Applying with slightly dampened bristles provides maximum, long-lasting pigment impact.

Mini Blending Brush: Fluffy, soft bristles mimic the shape of your eye for targeted blending on the lid, crease, or brow bone. Pro-Tip: For precise contouring in localized places. Use the angled bristles to gently apply Sombra on either side of the bridge of your nose. As always, blend well.

Ultra-Fine Liner Brush: Fill in space between the lashes or precise tight-lining or cover pesky redness and blemishes that need a hyper-targeted application. Pro-tip: For long-lasting lip color, line the lips with your Ultra-Fine Liner Brush first.