LabChat: The Mineral Pigments Behind 45 Shades of Satin Matte Foundation

Satin Matte Foundation provides buildable, even foundation coverage that blends seamlessly with your skin. It's suitable for all skin types--even sensitive skin!

With 45 distinct shades of Satin Matte Foundation, finding a pure mineral makeup match for your skin has never been easier. Our collection includes a wide range of undertones and variety of shades of depth. No matter how warm, cool, light or deep your skin is, there’s a beautiful foundation match for your skin made from all-natural ingredients.

Clarke is wearing Satin Matte Foundation in Cool 8


Our five different Satin Matte Foundation lines are made from different blends of natural mineral pigments to create those 45 unique shades  Each of our five lines includes nine foundation shades ranging from very light to very deep. One of our makeup artists, Hannah, weighs in with more details on the mineral pigments in each line.

Cool: “Cool Satin Matte Foundation is our shade range that contains the highest amount of red mineral pigment. If you have only pink undertones, you will most likely find a great match in this line. While our lighter Cool tones are some of the fairest Snow White shades, the deeper tones offer some of the richest hues within the entire Satin Matte Foundation line.”

Neutral: “Our Neutral line is considered a cool neutral, as it falls right in between our Beige and Cool tones. It has just a little more yellow mineral pigment than the Cool line, and is slightly more pink than the Beige.”

Beige: “This is our most popular line, and our most balanced tone. Composed of almost equal parts of red and yellow iron oxides, this is a neutral peach shade that flatters many.”

Warm: “Our Warm line is for those with strong yellow undertones.  If your skin tone has no traces of pink or red (aside from surface redness like rosacea, sunburn, or flushed cheeks) the Warm line is your best bet. These shades contain the highest level of yellow iron oxide. If foundation shades sometimes appear too pink on your skin, our Warm line will be the match for you.”

Olive: “Our Olive line is a unique blend of our brown, black and yellow iron oxides that create this distinct neutral brown hue. When customers find Beige or Neutral tones are a close match, but not quite right, I often suggest they try an Olive shade.”

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