Choosing Mineral Foundation Colors 

From alabaster pale to deep bronze, we’ve created 45 shades of pure mineral, toxin-free foundation to help women of all colors find just the right shade for their natural skin tone.

We know you’ve been searching. We’ll help you find just the right one. Promise. Here’s how:

Step 1 - Choose your depth of color:

1 level shades are extremely fair, but with a bit of color. Level 1’s actually have to go into the sun to burn – for about 3 minutes. People with this coloring wear the lightest shade of foundation available from conventional brands.

2 level shades are basically lightest. If you wear the lightest (or next-to-lightest) shade in a conventional line, then level 2 may be perfect for you.

3 level shades would be considered ‘light to medium’ skin tones. You can take a little sun, carefully (though it’s better not to).

4 level shades are right there in the middle. You might not burn very easily, but it’s still possible.

5 level shades have caramel skin tones with any undertone.

6 level shades are right on the border of medium and deep. Even if you have a cooler skin tone, you probably tan easily.

7 level shades work well for those with bronze skin tones.

8 level shades are for those with dark brown skin tones.

9 level shades work for those with the deepest skin tones.

Step 2 – Choose your undertone:

Your undertone is the underlying color of your skin. It can seem a little confusing but you probably already know your undertone. It's easy. There are three basic undertones: cool, neutral, and warm. Think of the colors that you love and feel terrific wearing. 

Cool toned people look best in white, rich jewel tones and blue-based colors (purple, cool red, blue, pink), and silver toned jewelry. 

Warm skin tones are flattered by ecru, earth tones (brick red, orange, olive, and warm yellow-based brown), and gold tones jewelry.

Still confused? No worries - that's a clue, too. If you are neither clearly cool nor warm then you probably have a neutral skin tone. Neutrals generally look great in a variety of colors (though probably no extremes) and both silver and gold toned jewelry. 


Okay, now  we have that sorted - let's figure out which foundation shade will work best for you.

If you are COOL toned then you are likely to wear a color from our 'COOL' line. Take a look at the 'NEUTRAL' shades if you're not absolutely classically cool - our NEUTRAL line is a little less pinkish and might also work well for you.

If you are NEUTRAL toned then you may do well with our NEUTRAL line. It's great for those who can wear some earth tones, some jewel tones, gold and silver, ecru and white. If you think you have a neutral skin tone but favor silver, white and jewel tones this is probably perfect for you.

If you are neutral toned and can wear cool colors but tend to favor warmer earth tones, gold, and ecru then you would probably do well with our BEIGE line.  It's a classic 'warm neutral' tone that works well for lots of people.

If you are WARM toned you look decidedly best in warm earth tones and yellow-based colors. Rose pink, icy blue, and mint green don't work for you. 

Finally, our OLIVE shades were also created for neutral skin tones.  These shades are neither yellow nor pink but instead a variety of gradations of 'cafe au lait'. If you are super confused about your skin tone and see neither yellow nor pink undertones, look great in a variety of earth tones and jewel tones, and can wear both gold and silver you might do well in an Olive shade. (Please note: our Olive shades tend to run a little deeper than our other foundation lines.)

Need a little extra help? Ask an artist. We love hearing from you.


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