The Art of Multi-Gifting

Word of the week: Multi-gifting. It means that you find one item that has enough gifts for at least 3 people. These are our current faves for gifting your whole crew:



These six Pressed Eyeshadows are Team AP favorites—and they’re ready to make the holiday party circuit. Luxe makes blue eyes pop and brown or green eyes smolder while the golden flecks in Myth help this shade skew taupe or forest green depending on how you apply. (Try Eye Primer for a totally different finish!) Instinct is our favorite shade for convincing people they are indeed capable of applying and rocking a smoky eye. Gamine is the universal shade for highlighting your brow bone and brightening pretty much anywhere on your face. Icon is ideal for reliving the 90s with a hint of cool, silvery freshness. Dusk is a deep slate, charcoal-blue shade, and it’s is our go-to holiday party shade. 


Brushes. For. Days. Our complete collection of cruelty-free taklon silky blending goodness is available at a special holiday season price. It includes our new Highlighter Brush, and the Kabuki brush, which is totally perfect for travel. If you’re multi-gifting, convert the makeup newbie with the Foundation Brush, Blush Brush, and Allover Shadow Brush. For that one friend who’s all about the glow, give her the Soft Focus Brush and the Highlighter Brush. For the one who’s always on the go, the Kabuki Brush and Mini Blending Brush are multi-tasking faves that are perfect for slipping into a travel cosmetics bag. For your galpal who prefers a made-up look with full brows and contour, gift the Flat Top Brush, Precision Angle Brush, and Contour Shadow Brush. 

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