Team Alima Pure Staff Picks

Meet Carson Staff Recommendations

If you’ve ever had the pleasure of reaching out to Alima Pure Customer Care, you’ve probably chatted with our dear pal, Carson. On our team, she's the one who is most likely to post a well-timed gif through in the office Slack channel, or to boost our spirits on a rainy Monday with a crock pot of spiced chai. She’s got a recommendation for everything from your dinner plans and your hairstylist to your next pair of hiking boots and the Internet’s coolest cabins in which you may imagine yourself.

Here’s Carson’s current list of faves, including her Alima Pure essentials.


 Liquid Silk Foundation Paprika WhisperLiquid Silk Foundation: “It’s so comfortable, and the sheer finish is perfect for adding just a touch of coverage without overdoing it. I wear Echo.”

Lip Tint in Paprika: “It’s really light and moisturizing, and I love the color payoff.”

Highlighter in Whisper: “Just a tiny bit goes a long way, and it’s such a lovely glow.”


Kelly Link: Get in TroubleSource:

“I really love short stories, and some of my favorites lately have been from Aimee Bender and Kelly Link.  If you like short fiction and have a penchant for magical realism, you'll probably dig their work. Link's last book, "Get in Trouble: Stories" was a finalist for the 2016 Pulitzer Prize in Fiction.”


Roastd Chicken with Chickpeas and TomatoSource: Epicurious

“I am incredibly devoted to my cast iron, and pretty much everything I cook revolves around whether or not it can be made in said cast iron.  One of my favorite recipes, year round, is roast chicken breast with chickpeas and whole roasted tomatoes. It's always a crowd pleaser, and it's incredibly simple.  My version changes a little every time (tarragon is a great addition!) but this recipe is a good place to start." 


Rumpl BlanketSource: Rumpl

Rumpl: "These amazing blankets are pretty much a must have for anyone who lives in the Pacific Northwest.  So warm and cozy, and they pack up into their own little stuff sacks so they're great to take along on adventures, or to keep in the car for emergencies.”


Adventure CatsSource: @Adventurecatsorg

@Adventurecatsorg: "I dream of taking my cat out on adventures (I'm an avid backpacker, hiker, swimmer of lakes and rivers), but the general consensus is that your adventure cat should wear a harness. We're trying to soften our cat, Georgie, up to this concept, but so far, we can't even get him to wear a hot dog costume. Baby steps…”