Pairing Smooth + Prime with Your Favorite Foundation

Foundation and Smooth + Prime

Smooth + Prime prepares your complexion for seamless foundation coverage. It’s ideal for smoothing and mattifying your skin to ensure that your makeup stays fresh longer. Here’s how Smooth + Prime pairs with our favorite face products for different kinds of coverage: 

Satin Matte Foundation

Our best-selling loose powder foundation blends more evenly than ever over Smooth + Prime, and just a single layer of Satin Matte Foundation lasts longer and looks more natural throughout the day. The result is a smoother, brighter skin tone--a.k.a. your natural skin at it’s very best. You can also add extra sheer layers for seamless fuller coverage. It’s the ideal combination for whenever your skin wants a little extra love.

Pressed Foundation with Rosehip Antioxidant Complex

For a natural-looking finish with additional restorative benefits, apply Pressed Foundation with Rosehip Antioxidant Complex over Smooth + Prime. Absorbent silica in Smooth + Prime mattifies your skin while evening primrose oil and aloe leaf extract in Pressed Foundation gently revitalize and nourish it. Smooth + Prime and Pressed Foundation are a quick and easy on-the-go pairing that’s perfect for travel. We love applying Pressed Foundation with the dense bristles of the Flat Top Brush--it gives slightly fuller coverage than the Foundation Brush with a single layer of powder, and it’s smaller for easy stowing in your suitcase.

Liquid Silk Foundation

Smooth + Prime and Liquid Silk Foundation are our favorite pair for striking the no-makeup makeup balance. Smooth + Prime extends the performance and wear of Liquid Silk Foundation, and Liquid Silk Foundation moisturizes and evens the skin tone for sheer coverage. This combination minimizes oiliness without being fully matte.

Satin Finishing Powder

For a lightweight soft focus finish, add a sheer layer of Satin Finishing Powder to your T-zone and cheeks with the Powder Brush. Satin Finishing Powder’s blurring effect and staying power are amplified instantly with the help of Smooth + Prime. For a full matte finish, start with Smooth + Prime, follow with Satin Matte Foundation, and finish with Satin Finishing Powder.

Radiant Finishing Powder

Give your skin a gentle ambient glow--like you’re sitting at a candlelit table. Pairing Smooth + Prime with Radiant Finishing Powder ensures your skin has a smooth lit-from-within finish--the effect is fresh, soft focus, and has hint of warmth. After applying Smooth + Prime, blend a sheer layer of Radiant Finishing Powder to your cheeks, forehead, and down the bridge of your nose with the Powder Brush or the Soft Focus Brush.