Earth Reads

This Earth Month, we’re taking a look at a few books and poems that inspire us to go outside more often and appreciate the world at our fingertips. These six reads promise to teach you about the inner world of trees, share fun and quick recipes to make while camping, and explain why being in nature just makes us feel so at home.

The Nature Fix by Florence Williams

This is one of those rare and lovely books that is equal parts history, science, and beautiful storytelling.  You will go on a journey with author Florence Williams on her quest to uncover the links between nature, happiness, and cognition. Spoiler alert: she ultimately finds that even small amounts of nature in our daily lives can increase our creativity and enhance our moods. We agree!


The Curious Nature Guide by Clare Walker Leslie

Naturalist and artist Clare Walker Leslie offers short prompts that will make you want to interact with nature every day. Illustrated with beautiful photography and the author’s own illustrations, we love this book’s sweet reminders to stop once in awhile to notice the clouds, the trees, and to appreciate (and maybe even sketch) the beauty of the places we live. 

The Camping Cookbook Compiled by Love Food Editors

This book is one of our AP staffer's favorite camping companions. It includes quick and easy recipes (including desserts!) you can make using a basic camping stove or a campfire. We recommend the English Muffin pizza with any toppings you can dream up.  We can't wait to take this book with us on our summer adventures.


Lab Girl by Hope Jahren

Add “scientist” to your resume, because Jahren starts this book by assuring us that just by asking questions about the environment, we ourselves become scientists. This book is divided into 3 sections: Roots and Leaves, Woods and Knots, Flowers and Fruit and it’s as full of heart and spirited characters as it is informative. 


The Hidden Life of Trees by Pete Wholleben

Raise your hand if you knew that trees had friends. We did not until we read this! This book brings to light the way trees communicate with each other and work to help ailing trees recover.

Epistemology by Catherine Barnett

We love this poem from Catherine Barnett which took our breath away and also managed to teach us even more new facts about trees.

 If we missed any of your favorite nature books, we'd love to hear about them on our Instagram, @alimapure. Happy Reading!