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Alima Pure Liquid Foundation

Unsure about undertones, shades, coverage, or how to apply? We got you. And, as always, if you have a question we can answer or would like help selecting the best foundation match for you, please do not hesitate to send us an email at We love getting mail!


Alima Pure Foundation

Which foundation offers the most coverage?

All 3 of our foundation formulas and our Cream Concealer are designed to be buildable. A light layer of any formulas goes on thin and sheer, and as you apply more layers, you will build up fuller coverage. Some of our customers love the full coverage look that is achieved by starting with a base of our Liquid Silk Foundation and setting it with a light layer of Satin Matte Foundation.


Alima Pure Foundation

Can my undertone ever change?

Many people think that undertone is unchanging. This is true for some people, but some people will experience slight undertone fluctuations based on time of year and their exposure to the sun. It’s unlikely that your change will be as drastic as going from a Cool to a Warm undertone, for example, but skin does tend to run a bit warmer with a tan. A person who wears Neutral in the winter months may find Beige is a fit in the summer. Some of our staffers who wear Cool tones in the winter months switch to Olive in the summer. You are always welcome to order sample sizes of Satin Matte Foundation to see if a different undertone is a good fit for a new season.

Two shades of your foundation shades look like a match on me. How do I decide?

Lucky you! It is not uncommon to find that match with two foundation shades, especially in Satin Matte Foundation. Once you have selected two or three shades which blend nicely with your skin tone, it's important to wear each for at least a few hours. This will help you decide which looks the most natural in different types of light. We always recommend that you decide your shade based on what you feel looks best, and not with a predetermined undertone in mind. If you find several shades that look great, just choose the shade you like best. We find it helpful to have a family member or friend offer an unbiased opinion, and the rearview mirror of your car on a sunny day is very accurate natural light!

Where should I swatch my foundation?

It is typically most helpful to swatch each shade down the cheek and along the jawline. This will help to narrow down your shade match; the best matches will be nearly undetectable on the skin.

What brush do you recommend for each formula?

Our Foundation Brush is our best selling tool. It is excellent for applying our powder formulas and leaves behind a silky, diffused finish. The densely packed bristles of our Flat Top Brush make is a great choice for fuller, even coverage. Our Liquid Foundation Brush is another great option for blending out liquid foundation.
 Our Concealer Brush is excellent for precise undereye and spot coverage. We also like to use our fingers as a tool for applying Cream Concealer or Liquid Silk Foundation.

I have really sensitive skin. Do you recommend Pressed Foundation or Satin Matte Foundation?

We always recommend Satin Matte Foundation for our customers with acne-prone or sensitive skin. It contains just 4 mineral ingredients and is suitable for even the most sensitive skin.


Alima Pure Foundation

Can I use a powder foundation with the Cream Concealer?

Our Cream Concealer works beautifully with all 3 of our foundation formulas. If you are using Satin Matte Foundation or Pressed Foundation, we like to recommend that you apply the Cream Concealer first, then follow with your powder foundation for the most seamless look. Our Liquid Silk Foundation and Cream Concealer shades were designed to be identical, and the two pair together wonderfully for a dewy, uniform coverage.

Do I have to use the primer or finishing powder with the powder foundations or is that optional?

All of our foundations work beautifully on their own. Our primers and finishing powders are helpful but not essential; many of our customers who have skin on the oily side or who live in a humid environment love to use one of our primers or finishing powders to help keep excess oil and shine at bay.

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