Application Tips for Liquid Silk Foundation and Cream Concealer


Liquid Silk Foundation Cream Concealer Soft Focus Brush Mini Blending Brush
The great debate began when we first started testing Liquid Silk Foundation and Cream Concealer: what’s the best way to apply? We aim for coverage that’s sheer enough to be natural-looking—freckles and all—while still balancing the skin tone, smoothing pores, and never letting on that any makeup is actually involved. 

Brush, sponge, or fingers? Set it with powder, or do the dew? We tried them all. While all roads lead to a moisturized, natural finish, these are our favorite methods:


Mini Blending Brush:
The Mini Blending Brush is the ideal companion (besides LSF, of course) for Cream Concealer. Affectionately nicknamed “Angle Fluffy” by our team here at AP, we love the way it hugs the angles near your nose, and softens and diffuses coverage under your eyes. It leaves a smooth, seamless finish, and blends like the magic bullet. Use it to apply Cream Concealer sparingly to undereye circles, areas of discoloration or redness. Tap over the area gently to blend and build coverage. Follow with Liquid Silk Foundation.


Soft Focus Brush:
While we love the Soft Focus Brush for making bold blush shades more sheer and wearable, it’s found its true calling with our new Liquid Silk Foundation. Use the Soft Focus brush to lightly blend the concealer in sweeping, circular motions with the white tips of the bristles. The result is an air-brushed, evenly-stippled finish that is long-lasting and natural. Bonus: for long-lasting full matte coverage, set Liquid Silk Foundation and Cream Concealer with Satin Matte Foundation or Pressed Foundation with Rosehip Antioxidant Complex.


AP Sponge:
Our double-sided sponge is flocked on one side, and porous on the other. Try it dry, or slightly dampened. You only need a small amount of product, but a sponge is one of our favorite methods for easy, even blending so the product melds with your skin for the ultimate hydration and the most natural finish. Start at the nose, and blend outward. The broad surface of the sponge is ideal for distributing product evenly, and diffusing coverage for a really natural finish. It’s also flexible and foldable, which is perfect for blending near the nose and for building up Cream Concealer coverage under your eyes.


Liquid Silk Foundation and Cream Concealer are so compact and easy to apply on-the-go. Using your fingers to apply them is quick, easy, and a great way to blend. If you prefer the feeling of applying moisturizer to applying makeup, this method is for you. Using your fingers with Cream Concealer really taps into the formula’s advantages too—this buttery, balmy cream uses the heat of your fingertips to soften, blend, and melt into your skin for a traceless finish.