A Birthday Message

 Alima Pure Birthday Blog

This August, we’re celebrating Alima Pure’s 12th year in business. We’ve been looking through old Alima Pure images, packaging, and products in our archive and marveling at how much we’ve grown and changed over the last few years (read: beautiful wide jars for easy application, sleek refillable compacts, the AP Brush Collection). Still, the core things that make Alima Pure haven’t really changed at all. Our Satin Matte Foundation formula is still made from just four pure mineral ingredients, our commitment to 1% For the Planet continues with each passing year, and our passion for simple, clean ingredients and high-performance cosmetics is expanding to include innovative new products designed to fit with your life.

Through all of these changes, here’s what we tend to think about and want you to know:

  1. We think putting on makeup should be fun. It’s time set aside for you to spend with yourself (or your BFFs on a Friday night, because that’s the best part, right?) It’s about embracing your own confidence. Don’t let it stress you out.
  2. Beauty shouldn’t have a bunch of arbitrary rules. We think it’s more about your own experience of moving through the world and being open to the things that move you. It’s individual, personal and unique. It changes as you change.
  3. We want you to know that you can totally pull off that color. Even if you never wear bold colors, or smoky eyes or red lips. Even if no-makeup makeup is more your thing. If Cobalt happens to call your name on any given day, rock it and don’t look back.
  4. We want you to feel good about the makeup that you’re buying and wearing. Alima Pure makeup comes from people who enjoy creating it for you. We’re always thinking about the safety of our ingredients and the environmental impact our business makes. And, ultimately, we’re offsetting that impact.
  5. Makeup can be many things at once, just like you. Don’t compromise.

Thank you for being a part of our constant evolution and growth.

 -Team Alima Pure