Get the Look: True Blue

True Blue

We love Sydney’s layers of bold blue at the eyes paired with fresh, natural skin and nude lips. Here’s what you’ll need to recreate her look.

Start with fresh, glowing skin. Sydney is wearing a light layer of Satin Finishing Powder in Takara for fresh, barely-there coverage that keeps the attention on her eyes. 

Add extra definition to the brows with Natural Definition Brow Pencil. Fill in sparse places with short, hairlike strokes and blend well. Sydney is wearing Natural Definition Brow Pencil in Deep. 

Use Natural Definition Eye Pencil in Paper to lay a matte base that brightens your eyes and creates bold color impact with your eyeshadow. Apply Paper along your upper and lower lashline, and blend upward with your finger toward the crease.

To add add boldness to your lashes and anchor your shadow color, use Natural Definition Eye Pencil in Indigo to tightline your upper lashline. Trace the line below your upper lashes. (Hint: for a better angle, place a fingertip on the center of your lid to gently lift up your lashes. 

Use the Allover Shadow Brush to lay a wash of sky blue from lid to crease with Pressed Eyeshadow in Cosmic. Blend Cosmic into the inner corner and upward into the crease.

Dampen your Allover Shadow Brush and add a layer of Satin Matte Eyeshadow in Cobalt over Cosmic. Keep the pigment most concentrated at the center of the lid.

Use the Contour Shadow Brush to blend Cobalt into the inner corner, along the lower lashline, and in the crease. This gives your eyeshadow more impact at the lashline that is gradually more blended toward the crease.

Add a quick sweep of Natural Definition Mascara in Black and moisturizing Lip Tint in Honey to finish your look.

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