Your Guide to Glowing Skin

Alima Pure Guide to Glowing Skin

To help you tap into dewy summer skin, we’re sharing our four favorite products to master your lit-from-within, almost wet, never shiny, low-key glow game. Also included: a guide to choosing your shade and some of our favorite application tips.


Our Highlighter is made from finely-milled mineral pigments for a silky powder texture that adds a hint of brightness without looking shiny or shimmery. It accentuates your entire complexion to pull your whole look together, not just draw attention to the highlighted areas. For a more natural take on the strobing trend, use the Mini-Blending Brush or the Soft Focus Brush to lightly apply a shade of Highlighter that complements your skin tone, and blend well for a sheer finish. Highlight the tops of your cheekbones, your brow bone, Cupid’s bow, the inner corners of your eyes, and anywhere else you want to add soft light and dimension. Its subtle glow instantly adds the natural brightness of being well-rested or standing in flattering light.

Choosing a shade:

Dolce: Glowing copper suits most medium-deep and deep skin tones, especially if you wear Warm or Beige Satin Matte Foundation

Lumina: Softly luminous peach flatters most skin tones 

Luna: Universally-flattering glowing gold

Whisper: Suits fair and light skin tones, especially if you wear Cool or Neutral Satin Matte Foundation

Pressed Eyeshadow

Since Pressed Eyeshadow arrived on the scene here at Alima Pure Headquarters, we’ve loved tapping into their multitasking capabilities as on-the-go highlighters. They’re perfect for adding the teensiest hint of summer dew (or a big ray of sunshine--totally your call). Isla, Zephyr, Mirage, Icon and Luxe can be applied in a snap with your fingers for a quick swipe of luminosity in the usual places. (Hint: use your ring finger to apply for the subtlest pressure and most natural application.) The avocado oil in Pressed Eyeshadow allows them to take on their creamy, ultra-blendable consistency. The result is a hint of soothing and hydrating radiance that can be applied on-the-go or amped up after work or before an evening out.

Choosing a shade:

Isla - Universally-flattering, versatile peachy pink

Icon - Leaves a brightening, moonlit finish that suits most skin tones

Luxe - Illuminates deeper skin tones with a subtle golden-copper finish

Mirage - A subtle, luminous shade of beige that brightens fair to medium skin tones

Zephyr - Adds a universally-flattering ultra-dewy pearlescent cast

Radiant Finishing Powder

Radiant Finishing Powder is the perfect blend of finishing powder and highlighter that softens light on your complexion and adds a glow. Layer over your foundation, or wear it alone. As a solo item, it’s perfect for the beach and those hot summer days when wearing foundation doesn’t seem like anything a reasonable person should do. Sweep on a hint of Radiant Finishing Powder with the Soft Focus Brush, or blend it generously onto the apples of your cheeks, bridge of your nose, and eyelids for to add dimension and that coveted natural dew.

 Choosing a shade:

Augusta: For light-medium and medium skin tones

Olympia: For fair skin tones

Sedona: For medium-deep and deep skin tones


With its warm matte finish and a silky-smooth powder texture, our three shades of Bronzer add a hint of depth to your skin and blend easily for an even, sun-kissed finish. With their rich brown-toned (never orange) pigment, our Bronzer creates the look of a natural tan that balances redness and enhances your natural skin tone. Even with fair skin, our Bronzer in Maracaibo gives a natural finish that’s glowing and golden.

Choosing a shade:

Maracaibo: Suits fair and light skin tones

Mauna Loa: Our most popular shade suits most light-medium and medium skin tones

Trinidad: Suits medium-deep and deep skin tones

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