Between The Lines: Natural Definition Eye Pencil 3 Ways

Our Natural Definition Eye Pencils come in 7 versatile and ultra-pigmented shades. They’re made with natural oils and waxes like jojoba oil, mango seed oil, and carnauba wax so you can achieve a smooth, smudgy or smoky finish that lasts all day. Here are three easy ways to rock Natural Definition Eye Pencil this spring:

Bold Color + Tightline

We love to tightline the eyes with an unexpected color for a look that gives your eyes a little extra oomph that isn’t obvious to the casual observer. A hint of shimmer and bolder color make your eyelashes appear fuller and richer, while complementing the color of your eyes without drawing attention to the eyeliner itself. Since it’s such a subtle way to wear a bold color, it’s definitely wearable for the office, and can be amped up with bottom liner for your evening plans.

How to: Gently line between the upper lashes from below. Short back and forth motions will make the lashes appear fuller and darker. Try Natural Definition Eye Pencil in Indigo, Merlot, and Slate. Indigo makes brown eyes appear deeper and richer. Merlot brings out the gold in green eyes. Cool Slate will make your baby blues pop.


Paper as a Highlighter

White liner is an easy multitasker that makes the eyes appear more open, awake, and even dewy. As a bonus, it also makes your eyeshadow appear more pigmented. It’s definitely work appropriate (who doesn’t want to look more awake on Monday morning!?) or it can be a great base for more sultry liner (think Luminous Shimmer Eyeliner in Nightfall or Paparazzi).

How To:  Line the upper lash line and inner corner with Natural Definition Eye Pencil in Paper using short feathery strokes. Blend the liner outward with the Precision Angle Brush or Contour Shadow Brush. You’ll have less of a line, and more of an allover bright-eyed look.


Connect-the-Dots Smudge Method  

The natural oils and waxes in Natural Definition Eye Pencils make them super blendable and perfect for an easy smudgy smoky eye. All you'll need is a Precision Angle Brush to smoke things out. 

How To: Warm up the pencil on the back of your hand for an extra-blendable application. Draw a few dots or feathery strokes along the upper lash line, starting about a third of the way from the inner corner of the eye and applying outward. With the Precision Angle Brush blend the dots together to create a smudgy line. Apply extra liner as necessary, and sweep the smudged line upwards for a smoky finish. Use the same connect-the-dots technique on the outer part of the lower lash line as well to add intensity, and smooth together into a smudgy line. We love using this method with Natural Definition Eye Pencil in Ink, Coffee, and Patina for a fresh twist on classic liner colors.

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