Why We Prime

Primer is one of those puzzling products that occupy the space in the Venn diagram between makeup and skincare. While we love primer, we know that many of our customers skip this step. So why do we prime?

Think of primer as a base for every makeup step that comes next. Primer helps your makeup last longer, combats excess shine, and allows you to use less product overall.

Smooth + Prime

Our Smooth + Prime includes clary sage water, an essential ingredient in ancient medicinal practices, which has been shown to help even the look of skin, regulate oil production, and calm skin irritation and inflammation. In Smooth + Prime, we’ve paired clary sage water with olive-derived squalane for a smooth, matte application.

If the above was TLDR, we got you— below is a short list of stand out ingredients in our Smooth + Prime:

  • Squalane is an olive-derived botanical lipid that leaves your skin feeling soft and silky.
  • Silica absorbs oil and leaves a fresh matte surface for your makeup.

  • Clary sage water is an ancient homeopathic remedy used to soothe inflammation.

To use: Following your normal a.m. skincare routine, apply a dime-size amount of Smooth + Prime right after moisturizer to help seal in moisture. You can apply it with your fingertips, or use the Soft Focus Brush to lightly blend it in. Allow the primer to set for about a minute, then apply your makeup. Smooth + Prime is ideal for those with oily or combination skin. It’s vegan, gluten-free, and fragrance-free.

Our Balancing Primer Powder is a great option for primer lovers with sensitive skin. Formulated with just four ingredients including incredibly absorbent Kaolin, Balancing Primer Powder is a silky-smooth mattifying powder that keeps your Satin Matte Foundation looking fabulous.

Balancing Primer Powder is ultra-lightweight, gentle, breathable, and absorbent. You'll probably find that less Satin Matte Foundation or Pressed Foundation is necessary after you apply Balancing Primer Powder.

To use: Apply a light layer to the oil-prone T-zone, or in a sheer layer over your entire face, and follow with Satin Matte Foundation or Pressed Foundation. One caveat is that we don’t recommend applying Liquid Silk Foundation over Balancing Primer Powder; Balancing Primer Powder pairs with powder foundations.

Alima Pure Color Balancing Powder

Color Balancing Powder

Our Color Balancing Powder is a favorite with our customers who have rosacea or redness-prone skin. Made from mineral ingredients, it brightens your complexion while minimizing redness, discoloration, or hyperpigmentation.

To Use: Work the powder into the bristles of your favorite brush. Apply a light layer to any areas you would like to brighten. Buttercup is excellent for combating dullness and tired eyes, and Pistachio is a good choice for balancing redness caused by rosacea or too much sun. Like all of our loose powder products, Color Balancing Powder works best when followed by a powder foundation instead of a liquid formula. 

Alima Pure Eye Primer

Eye Primer
Eye Primer keeps your eyeshadow vibrant, creaseless, and long-lasting. Olive-derived squalane, shea butter, and clary sage water feel light and hydrating on the eyelids.


To Use: You can apply Eye Primer with clean fingertips directly to your eyelids. A tiny dot is all you need. Allow the primer to absorb (it won’t take long) then follow with your favorite eyeshadows. Happy priming!

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