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Hot summer days can mean runaway makeup. Not anymore! Our primers will help your makeup stay in place through long days, humidity, and high temperatures. Starting today, July 2nd through Sunday July 8th, our primers are 20% off with code PRIMETIME.

Why is primer helpful? Think of it as a base for every makeup step that follows. Primer helps your makeup last longer, combats excess shine, and allows you to use less product overall. It can help reduce the look of pores and adds a smooth layer on which your makeup will hold.


Smooth + Prime


Our  Smooth + Prime includes clary sage water, an essential ingredient in ancient medicinal practices, which has been shown to help even the look of skin, regulate oil production, and calm skin irritation and inflammation. In Smooth + Prime, we’ve paired clary sage water with olive-derived squalane for a smooth application.

We love our 3 primers, but you don't have to take our word for it. We'll be sharing real customer reviews for each primer.

"Smooth+ Prime is the ONLY primer that I have tried which keeps my oil and shine away all day! This primer doesn’t leave my skin sticky/tacky, nor slick like some primers with silicone. I love this product under my Satin Matte Foundation. The combination makes my skin look flawless."

"I've really noticed a difference in how my skin feels throughout the day and how much more easily my makeup applies (and removes!) I wish I'd tried it sooner--love it!"

Balancing Primer Powder

Our Balancing Primer Powder is another great priming option. Formulated with just four ingredients including incredibly absorbent Kaolin (a white clay mineral) our Balancing Primer Powder is a silky-smooth mattifying powder that keeps your Satin Matte Foundation looking fabulous. Balancing Primer Powder is ultra-lightweight, gentle, breathable, and absorbent. You'll probably find that less Satin Matte Foundation or Pressed Foundation is necessary after you apply Balancing Primer Powder. 


What do customers say about Balancing Primer Powder?

"Smoothing, reliable primer. This primer does the job, preparing the way for a smooth, lovely look that lasts the whole day."

"I have used this powder as a primer for years and absolutely love it. A light coverage that stays all day, even in the humid summers of Japan where I live, and can be built on with no issue. And, as someone with a pale skin tone, the fact that it actually matches perfectly is amazing."


Color Balancing Powder

If you’ve noticed your skin looking less bright than usual or if you've accidentally gotten a sunburn, (spf!) our Color Balancing Powder may be a great choice. Color Balancing Powder in Pistachio  (a green color corrector) and Buttercup (a yellow color corrector) both help to balance surface redness before you apply foundation. Lavender will help balance dark spots or dull skin.


What do our customers love about Color Balancing Powder?

"I love the beautiful, soft color of this powder and the way it feels on my skin. It helps even out and balances my skin and keep my shine at bay. I don't break out with this amazing powder either. That's a huge plus!"

"I have pale, sensitive combination skin that is prone to redness, and sometimes I have a flare-up of rosacea. I use a dusting of pistachio color balancing powder under my foundation most days and apply two layers when I'm very red. It makes a noticeable difference, and--like all Alima Pure products I've tried--doesn't look chalky on my dry patches and doesn't make me break out. Fantastic product!"

Which primer will you choose? If you have any questions, please feel welcome to reach out anytime to


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