On-The-Go Recipes

Here in Portland, we are lucky enough to have a beach, a desert, and a mountain just a few hours away. We love to spend our summer weekends exploring new places. But, we also love to eat. Whether you're camping on a mountain or staying in a beachside hotel, we have easy recipes to bring a bit of home-cooked goodness with you wherever your summer takes you.

These muffins are never dry or burnt, thanks to the clever orange peel casing that they are cooked in. Plus the orange peel lends a zesty citrus taste to the blueberry muffins! We would be happy to eat these any day.

We love this post from kitchn with tips on how to cook in your hotel room. It includes tricks for making a panini with an iron (don't knock it til you try it?) and how to use the hotel coffee pot to whip up some quinoa.


Who wants to spend a lot of time cooking then cleaning up on vacation? Not us! These Oprah-approved recipes are delicious without requiring a lot of time or equipment.

Oh coffee, you rule. Especially in the early light of the day in the dewy grass around a campfire. Here are 9 clever ideas for making your cozy morning coffee while camping.

The Food Network has some excellent tips on how to stock your vacation rental on a budget. Tip Number 6 is "make dessert" so you know we're all in!

Wondering what to pack for all these excursions? Check out our Summer Travel Essentials for packing-inspo!