Meet the Team: Grace

Grace, Content Strategist


If you've ever written an email to our Customer Care team or read the Alima Pure blog, then you've probably already met Grace. She is our team Content Strategist, and today she is stepping to the other side of the blog to answer a few questions asked by our marketing team. Grace is letting us in on some of her favorite AP products, her thoughts on what makes a perfect day, and how she thinks she ended up working in the beauty industry.

AP: What makes you smile?

GG: Little kids really make me laugh. They are so unafraid to be honest and blunt; you can trust them. I love how they make up words for what they don’t yet know and how precise and perfect these words often are.

AP: What is some advice that has helped you get to where you are?

GG: Ask for help when you need it, and be willing to help when others need it. Also, money spent on experiences is usually better spent than on things. Though I acknowledge this to be true, my closet may indicate that I’m working on incorporating this advice into my life.

AP: What do you admire most in others?

GG: I admire genuine kindness and fairness. I think many of the other traits I gravitate toward in others (generosity, honesty, people who listen well and seem interested in other people) tend to follow if one is kind.

AP: What would constitute a perfect day for you?

GG: I would wake up early(ish) on a sunny day having nowhere to be soon. Then I would go for a long walk with my dog and my boyfriend, stopping to buy a coffee to drink while we walk. I’d come home to a clean bright house, and read a book I’m really into. Then I would go to yoga and afterward, I would get a haircut; I love haircuts. Finally, I would go out for a really good Italian dinner (I'd probably order pizza) with a few good friends or family. Come home and wash my face and my makeup brushes, I have no idea why but this is something I really enjoy doing, read again, and fall asleep before midnight.

Beach Scene: Astoria, Oregon

AP: What do you love about living in Portland?

GG: I love how friendly the city is, it feels very inviting. It’s close to all kinds of different terrains: desert, beach, and mountains. I think the weather in Portland is misunderstood. The summer and fall are ideal sunny, warm, and not humid. It does rain a lot in the winter, but not in the downpour, soaking-wet way I envisioned before I moved here 3 years ago. Most days, it’s more of a light misty rain you stop noticing after awhile. And, I was gifted a "Happy Lamp" which really helps on those long gray days.

Alima Pure Soft Focus Brush

AP: What are your go-to Alima Pure products?

GG: I use the Soft Focus Brush whenever possible. It feels so good on my skin and I love the light coverage it gives. I even have an extra one that I use just to put on my moisturizer at night because it feels great. Pressed Eyeshadow in Isla is my go-to as both as an eyeshadow and a highlighter. I like to use the Lip Tint in Petal on my eyes and cheeks for a natural, glossy-looking finish. If somebody told me I could only use one Alima Pure product for the rest of my life, I’d pick Cream Concealer in Suede. I hope no one ever tells me that though.

Children's Art: Lipstick Drawing

AP: What drew you to the beauty and wellness industry?

GG: When I was in first grade, everyone in my class had to make a book of their favorite things, one for each letter in the alphabet. Most of my classmates wrote things like “Baseball” and “Cake”, and I wrote "Blush", "Cream", and "Lipsticks". I guess I've been drawn to beauty from an early age which is funny because it wasn't something that I had a lot of exposure to. As an adult, I appreciate the ability of beauty to inspire transformation and confidence. Some days I don’t wear any makeup, and some days I wake up knowing it’s a Cobalt eyeliner kind of day. My makeup varies much more than my clothing or hair. I am drawn to the way beauty can be used as a tool for self-expression and how, through makeup, you are given a chance to express yourself differently each day.

Alima Pure Cobalt Eyeliner


AP: When do you feel like the best version of yourself?

GG: When I have had a fulfilling, productive day and carve out time for myself in the evening to enjoy relaxing without thinking about what needs to get done the next day. Someone once told me to remember, "now is not the time to do the future," and I keep that in mind when I'm trying to unwind.

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