Meet Penelope, PDX Food Writer


Penelope Bass has an awesome day job—she's the Associate Editor at Imbibe Magazine, where she reviews all the fabulousness that Portland’s drinking and dining scene has to offer. She recently shared her favorite PDX food and drink spots, her favorite Alima Pure items, and her keys to an efficient morning routine.

AP: Tell us about your job, and what led you to that.

PB: "I got my degree in journalism in Arizona, where I worked as the assistant editor for an alt-weekly paper for several years. I moved to Portland six years ago and began writing freelance for outlets like The Oregonian and the Willamette Week (which I frequently still contribute to). My focus has always been in the realm of arts and culture, food and booze—all the fun stuff! I’m currently the Associate Editor at Imbibe Magazine, where I came on board about two years ago. We cover all things related to drinks and drink culture, and our office has the most beautifully stocked bar you have ever seen."

AP: What does your typical workday usually entail?

PB: "A typical day could involve wine tasting, brewing coffee on the newest gadget, or whipping up batch after batch of pina coladas to test blenders! (I do, of course, spend a ludicrous amount of time reading and sending emails). But the best part of my job is meeting passionate bartenders, winemakers, coffee shop owners and entrepreneurs and sharing that passion with our readers."

AP: What are your favorite go-to places right now in Portland?

PB: "That is the worst (best) thing about living in Portland—there are just too many amazing places to eat and drink! I’ve never had a cocktail that was anything less than stellar at Clyde Common, Loyal Legion is where I get my beer fix, and the matcha lattes at Tea Bar are the best in the city. My favorite, go-to spot for drinks and dinner is The Waiting Room; their New Orleans-inspired cocktails and food are fantastic, and the whole crew there is welcoming and wonderful."

AP: What’s your morning routine like, and what are some of the things you do to make yourself feel ready to take on the day?

PB: "After 20-plus years I have finally nearly perfected an efficient morning routine, starting with a quick shower and simple makeup—a good moisturizer with sunscreen, a loose-powder mineral foundation, mascara, brows and a dab of color on the cheeks. Then it’s a good breakfast (usually eggs and toast) and a big cup of coffee when I get to work." 

AP: What are some of your favorite Alima Pure items, and how do you use them?

PB: "Cream Concealer is perfect for under eye and covering any blemishes. I love the Satin Finishing Powder—so light, but with just enough coverage, it really evens out my skin tone. And typically I’m a chapstick kind of girl, but the Lip Tint is the perfect amount of sheer color, and it feels so good I forget that I’m even wearing it!"

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