Ingredient Spotlight: Clary Sage Water

Liquid Silk Foundation

What do our Liquid Silk Foundation, Smooth + Prime and Eye Primer all have in common? Clary sage water. It’s basically a magic liquid chill pill that leads to a more even skin tone, less visible irritation and inflammation, and makeup that feels more comfortable on your skin over a long period of time. Yes. Please.

Clary sage water has been used as an essential in ancient medicinal practices and homeopathic remedies for soothing inflammation, and in Smooth + Prime, we’ve paired it up with olive-derived squalane to deliver on the smooth factor. It helps to minimize the appearance of large pores with anti-inflammatory properties before you apply your foundation.

In Liquid Silk Foundation, clary sage water and hyaluronic acid deliver a deeply moisturizing and ultra-calming finish to your coverage. It’s perfect for lightweight summertime coverage that is flexible and sheer.

In Eye Primer, a calm, fresh canvas for your eye makeup ensures that your eyeshadows are more vibrant than ever, and that they last without creasing or fading until you’re ready to take them off. The clary sage water helps to minimizes any existing irritation or inflammation, ensuring that your shadows have the best color payoff.

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