Get the Look: The Soft Metallic Eye

Soft Metallic Eye Look
One of our favorite Holiday Sets features a subtle, wearable metallic eye that polishes your look, brightens your eyes, and brings a rose gold sheen to your lids. The Soft Metallic Set is perfect for your basic workday eye makeup, a romantic date night look, or an elegant twist on a classic eye.

What’s Inside

Two of our favorite Pressed Eyeshadows that can be worn together or separately—Luxe and Isla. Luxe is a golden copper with a lustrous metallic sheen. It blends out for a subtle wash of color and builds easily with a few layers if you're going for gold. Isla brightens and highlights the eye with a universally-flattering neutral peachy pink. Natural Definition Eye Pencil in Slate is a sleek, softly shimmering blue-gray. It’s perfect for a subtle tightline to make your eyes pop. A smooth coat of Natural Definition Mascara in Brown finishes your look with a clump-free, all-day hold that draws attention to your eye color. Bonus: The Soft Metallic Set includes a clear cosmetics travel bag. 

Get the Look

Start with a wash of Isla across the lid and into the crease with the Allover Shadow Brush. Use the Mini Blending Brush to add a light layer of Luxe, and blend well for a more neutral finish, or add additional layers for a golden-copper finish. To leave a brightening pearly finish, blend Isla onto the center of the lid, at the inner corner and brow bone with your fingertip.

Tightline with Slate. What is tightlining, you ask? It’s applying liner between the lashes to make them appear fuller and bolder without really making it look like you’re wearing actual eyeliner. Slate is ideal for this because it’s a subtle color with just a tiny hint of shimmer to add interest. A few helpful tips: gently place your fingertip on the center of your eyelid to help lift your lashes. Wiggle the liner between your lashes and underneath the lashline, focusing on the outer half of your eye. 

Finish with a coat of Natural Definition Mascara in Brown. It leaves a smooth, lifted finish that separates your lashes for a elegant fluttery finish.


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