From the Chair: 3 Cream Concealer Application Tips

Cream Concealer

Our makeup artist shares three of her favorite tips for making the most of your Cream Concealer. It wears beautifully over Smooth + Prime, and under Satin Matte Foundation, Liquid Silk Foundation, and Pressed Foundation.

1. Turn Up the Heat - how to apply cream concealer

"The natural oils and waxes in Cream Concealer are most effective when the heat of your skin warms them up a little bit. They blend more easily, and they cover more smoothly. Gently swirl your finger in the pan to warm the formula, then apply with a brush or your fingertips."

2. Make Triangles + (Parentheses)

"For a brighter complexion, apply Cream Concealer over dark circles along the orbital bone, downward from the inner part of your under eye area along the side of your nose, and then blend gently to make a triangle. You can also apply a small amount on either side of your nostrils, and at the sides of your mouth, making the shape of parentheses. Be sure to blend well with your fingers or the Concealer Brush for a noticeably brighter, but natural finish."

3. Light Layers =  More Effective Coverage

"A lightweight layer of concealer tapped directly onto the blemish with a fine-tipped brush (we love the tip of the Concealer Brush or the Ultra-Fine Liner Brush) helps to minimize redness without drawing attention to the area with excess product. To set your concealer, add a light layer of pore-blurring Satin Finishing Powder to even your complexion and help your makeup last longer."

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