3 Foundations = Infinite Ways to Wear Them

Alima Pure FoundationsWe've been switching up our foundation routines to find the perfect balance for cold, rainy Portland weather. We're trying new combinations of our three foundation formulas, testing new ratios of foundation to concealer, and using literally every brush until we find our favorite for the job. (Contour Shadow Brush for Concealer?! Who knew!) Our three foundations--Liquid Silk Foundation, Pressed Foundation with Rosehip Antioxidant Complex, and Satin Matte Foundation--are designed to work together to create smooth, seamless coverage, so that you can find your own unique coverage combination.

These are a few of our favorite combinations to get you started:


Liquid Silk Foundation + Cream Concealer

Coverage: Sheer, lightweight, and slightly dewy.

Ideal for: Skin that’s eager for extra hydration as cold weather kicks in. You’ll love this ultra-moisturizing combination--it’s still lightweight and low-maintenance, plus it gives you a little extra coverage where you want it. It’s also a great combination to pack for air travel because you can apply it without a brush upon arrival, and the hyaluronic acid will help to replenish some of moisture lost in-flight. Once you’re wearing it, you don’t feel it at all, and it gives your skin a poreless, hydrated, healthy glow. 

Application Tips: Add extra coverage to dark circles, redness, or hyperpigmentation with Cream Concealer. The warmth of your skin helps the formula to blend and disappear for seamless coverage. Finish with a pea-sized amount of Liquid Silk Foundation, blended from the nose outward to even and smooth your complexion with sheer coverage.


Cream Concealer + Pressed Foundation with Rosehip Antioxidant Complex

Coverage: Matte with a natural finish.

Ideal for: Times when you are feeling tardy, and want to set your look with a little powder to ward off afternoon shine. You’ll get fuller coverage from Cream Concealer only in the places you need it, letting the rest of your complexion breathe easy and look natural. Our refillable compacts are perfect for on-the-go application. (Please, don't blend and drive!)

Application Tips: Warm cream concealer by swirling your finger in the pan, and then blend gently to cover dark circles and redness. Follow with Pressed Foundation, applied with the Foundation Brush, Flat Top Brush (for fuller coverage), or the Kabuki Brush (for keeping in one’s purse). Focus coverage on the t-zone first, and blend outward with downward strokes to achieve a lightweight matte layer of coverage.


Liquid Silk Foundation + Satin Matte Foundation

Coverage: Our fullest matte coverage that still looks fresh and natural

Ideal for: Formal events, really long days, or when you know you’re going to be photographed. Liquid Silk Foundation gives your skin a moisturizing, even canvas, and Satin Matte Foundation gives it a silk matte finish that looks natural, but prevents any extra shine.

Application Tips: Start with a sheer layer of Liquid Silk Foundation, and add a second to make your look more matte. Apply Satin Matte Foundation with a Concealer Brush or Contour Shadow Brush to spot cover any dark circles, blemishes, or redness. Follow with a sheer layer of Satin Matte Foundation applied with the Foundation Brush or Powder Brush to blend and set your foundation.


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