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Alima Pure refillable Pressed Foundation with Rosehip Antioxidant Complex

We've been blown away by the response to the release of our Pressed Foundation with Rosehip Antioxidant Complex. It sends us over the moon when you guys are excited about a product. Packaged in a gorgeous, refillable compact with a custom sponge applicator, the Pressed Foundation was created for adjustable, buildable, blendable coverage that is breathable and weightless on your skin -- giving you a silky smooth matte finish.

As a brand new product with a completely new color range we thought some tips on application and finding your shade would be helpful.


Smooth on with included sponge applicator. Starting at the center of your face use sweeping strokes to blend outward and build coverage.
Reapply as needed.


We will be adding colors to the current range of Pressed Foundation as time goes on, so if you don't find your exact match just yet, bear with us, there will be more to come. However, we are confident that this initial range will cover a significant variety of skin tones. Also, due to its lightweight, sheer nature the Pressed Foundation colors tend to be more flexible than a loose powder foundation like our Satin Matte Foundation.

Check out the chart below for our color recommendations:

How to find your foundation match

If you're still not sure which shade will work best for you, email for one-on-one support.


Alima Pure


Alima Pure

Hi, If I wear beige 4 in the loose powder, which pressed powder shade would you recommend? Thank you!

Alima Pure

I use the beige 2 and warm 2 foundations, which color of pressed power would be right for me?

Alima Pure

I have been wearing olive 1.5 or 2 what shade in pressed would I use

Alima Pure

Do you no longer offer other samples besides the foundation loose powder?

Alima Pure

I currently wear beige 3 or 4 (winter/summer) What color in the pressed would I wear?

Alima Pure

I currently wear Olive 1 foundation, which one of the pressed foundations should I get? Also, do you not offer sample sizes in anything but the loose foundation anymore? Thanks.

Alima Pure

Currently I use Cool 4 and need to know which pressed powder would I use?

Thank you!!:)

Alima Pure

Can you show a larger color chart with the current loose powders intermixed so we can see where we might fall based on what we currently use…? For example, is Nutmeg closer to Neutral 1 or Neutral 2 , 3, etc.

Alima Pure

If I currently wear Olive 1 to 1.5, which color would I be in the pressed formulation?

Alima Pure

Thanks so much for this post! It was very helpful. Unfortunately, I need a lighter neutral shade than what is available. I’ll keep my eye out for my shades to be added to the line.

Alima Pure

I use the beige 2 and neutral 3 foundations, I am squarely neutral toned naturally, which color of pressed powder would be right for me?

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