4 Ways to Extend Your Summer Glow

Alima Pure Bronzer

Perhaps you’re mentally prepared for sweater weather and darker lip colors, but you’re probably not quite ready to let go of your hard-earned summer glow either. Depending on your skin type, skin tone, preferred level of dewiness, we’ve got several options to help you maintain your summer color. 


Ambient Glow: Radiant Finishing Powder

If you’re looking to extend the lit-from-within vibe you’ve been rocking all summer, Radiant Finishing Powder is an excellent choice. It’s formulated with a blend of illuminating, pearly pigments and velvety matte minerals. The result is a sheer, pore-blurring finish that gives your skin an ambient, soft-focus glow. In three versatile shades, we love it as a bronzer, highlighter, blush, eyeshadow, or an all-over finishing powder, making it one of our favorite multi-use makeup items. If your skin is feeling dull, this is what we’d recommend. Apply it with the Powder Brush or Soft Focus Brush for a more diffused finish.



Reflective Glow: Highlighter

If you’re looking to add targeted dew to your look--especially for adding dimension and glow to deeper skin tones--we recommend Highlighter. While the various Highlighter shades have subtle undertones, their formulas are designed to add a brightening sheen, rather than a specific color. When applied with the Highlighter Brush along your cheekbones, brow bone, or your Cupid’s Bow, Highlighter adds a lovely, subtle illumination to your complexion. For a more sculpted look, we recommend pairing it with Bronzer. If you’re not interested in enhancing your tan as much as simply maintaining the overall vibe of healthy, glowing skin, Highlighter is a great choice. 


Matte Glow: Bronzer

Our Bronzers have a satin matte finish, so they mimic the natural glow of real skin, leaving behind a subtle, natural finish. With these richly pigmented mineral powders, just a hint of product is plenty to blend below your cheekbones for a hint of extra dimension to your foundation, across the bridge of your nose, and near your temples. The Powder Brush or the Soft Focus Brush are both ideal for blending and building up warmth. If your skin is on the oilier side, Bronzer will help to enhance your glow with a subtle, mattifying finish.

Liquid Silk Foundation

Creamy Glow: Liquid Silk Foundation

Based on Team AP’s personal experiments, a Liquid Silk Foundation shade that’s 1-2 shades deeper, and perhaps warmer than your foundation makes a great bronzer. I normally wear Dream as foundation, and used Spice as a bronzer. A teeny (i.e. less than pea-sized) amount of product is plenty. Distribute it between your fingertips, then tap and blend over your cheekbones, above your temples, and over the bridge of your nose. The flush of warmer color will blend easily with your foundation for a seamless, natural finish. The caveat here is that we wouldn’t recommend applying liquid over powder, but it’s a great choice for applying over Liquid Silk Foundation if you’re looking for a natural, slightly dewy, well-moisturized finish. If your skin is craving a little extra moisture while the seasons start to change, this is a great choice.

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