3-Step Summer Skin

The key to rocking a no-makeup makeup look in the summer is emphasizing balance: long-lasting, lightweight coverage that has a hint of natural radiance. Start with a primer that evens your skin tone and absorbs oil before you add makeup, so your foundation coverage lasts longer. If you prefer a mattifying finish for your t-zone, you can still cash in on the dewy skin trend by adding a little glow in a few other targeted places. These three elements--well-primed skin, lightweight foundation, and a subtle glow--are easy to achieve with a number of different product combinations. We’ve provided you with a little menu to get the look, however it best suits your skin's needs. Choose one item from each category to put together your summer skin combo.

Step 1: Prime and Balance

A product that can provide a little extra balance to your complexion before foundation can be a total game changer. We recommend our Balancing Primer Powder for those with especially oily and/or sensitive skin. It's formulated with only mineral ingredients and kaolin clay to absorb excess oil, and add a hint of lightweight coverage to help your foundation last longer. Balancing Primer Powder layers easily under Satin Matte Foundation and Pressed Foundation.

Smooth + Prime adds a calming element to your primer, leaving your skin visibly smoother. It minimizes pores, reduces redness, and helps your foundation to stay matte longer. If you have dry skin, we recommend adding a hint of serum or oil to make it slightly less matte. Smooth + Prime layers beautifully under Liquid Silk Foundation, Satin Matte Foundation, and Pressed Foundation

Sunburnt? Color Balancing Powder in Pistachio is like excellent mineral powder magic for balancing surface redness before you apply foundation. You’ll definitely want some foundation coverage over the top, but your skin tone will be visibly less red.

Step 2: Foundation Coverage

We’ve written all about how to choose your foundation formula and shade, but in the summertime, there are a few things to keep in mind.

3 Step Summer Skin

Portability is clutch for travel season. We love our Pressed Foundation for its sleek stowability, and that it's easy to apply quickly on-the-go. Rosehip oil and evening primrose oil help to restore and balance your skin when it’s out of its normal routine (say, after a long flight), and Pressed Foundation’s lightweight, gentle matte finish ward off extra shine without feeling like heavy coverage.

Summertime foundation can even out your skin, but you don’t have to apply it over your entire face to get the fresh-faced look. Our Liquid Silk Foundation is the ideal formula for this kind of minimalist application that leaves the edges of your face makeup-free. Liquid Silk Foundation is ultra-moisturizing and smoothing, but it’s sheer enough to even out your t-zone and cheeks and softly fade outward. The result keeps your makeup looking invisible.

Satin Matte Foundation has a velvet-soft and lightweight formula that builds beautifully when you’re looking to add fuller coverage. It blends and layers easily so that your coverage stays smooth, even, and crease-free. Giving Satin Matte Foundation a boost with Balancing Primer Powder or Smooth + Prime ensures it will last even longer. If you tan easily, you might want to consider sampling a slightly deeper summertime shade of Satin Matte Foundation.

Step 3: Add Glow

Now that you’ve evened out your skin and given it your preferred level of matte or dew, you can amp up the sunkissed, glowy finish in the places where you want a little extra brightness, but not shine.

Highlighter is ideal for a targeted glow around your eyes, cheekbones, and in the Cupid’s bow. A universally-flattering shade like Lumina has neutral peach undertones, and adds a subtle reflectiveness that looks lit from within. We love to apply it with the Highlighter Brush.

Our Pressed Eyeshadows offer the same light pearliness that Highlighter does, but in a versatile and tiny compact that you can take with you everywhere and apply with your fingertip. We love Isla, Gamine, and Zephyr as highlighter.

Radiant Finishing Powder can be worn in a light layer over your entire face for a blurred, soft focus finish, or just in targeted areas like a bronzer or highlighter. We also love it as an eyeshadow. Try it with the Soft Focus Brush for the ultimate day-at-the-beach glow.

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