Q and A with Sara Bedau

Our Art Director, Sara Bedau, has literally grown up with Alima Pure. Find out what it’s like to work with her mother and what her favorite products are in our latest Q&A.

What are your top 5 Alima Pure products?

  • Espresso Satin Matte Eyeliner for my brows - I also use this dry over Coffee Natural Definition Eye Pencil for a soft, smoky, lived-in winged eyeliner
  • #33 Angle Liner/ Brow Brush
  • Brown Natural Definition Mascara - I love how this draws attention to the eyes as opposed to the eyelashes
  • Breathless Pearluster Eyeshadow
  • I have been carrying ‘Georgia’ and ‘Lucy’ (coming soon) with me everywhere. My lips are currently sealed on the details, but stay tuned! We’ll be sharing more on that subject soon.

  • What is your favorite thing about working with your mother?

    We know each other very, very well, which expedites certain aspects of my job as Art Director. I am able to anticipate her reaction to most decisions regarding the brand without needing to consult with her.

    Do you have any health tricks or tips?

    Dry brushing and going on hikes with my dog.

    What is your favorite fall trend?

    Bold eyeshadows worn casually. 

    What product would you recommend to an Alima Pure first-timer?

    Satin Finishing Powder. I’m a very loyal fan of this versatile product. For years I gave it to friends as an introduction to Alima. I’ve also been gifting a lot of Natural Definition Mascaras and Natural Definition Eye Pencils since they launched.

    What has been your favorite limited edition collection?

    By Night. The five eyeshadows are so beautiful and wearable.

    ​What’s the best thing about living in Portland?

    Forest Park. It’s one of the largest urban forests in the US with close to 70 miles of trails.

    What is the best advice you’ve ever been given?

    Be the sky, not the weather.

    What’s your favorite part of your job?

    Helping women feel beautiful and confident in their own skin.

    ​Can you share your favorite travel destination/s?

    I really like visiting loved ones, seeing art, eating good food, and being outside. I have Ethiopia, Japan, and the Painted Hills in eastern Oregon at the top of my current wishlist.

    Do you have a style uniform?

    I wear things that make me happy. I have also been told by many friends that I wear a lot of white.

    How long have you been with Alima Pure?

    I just passed the official 8 year mark in June.