Find Your Match: A Step-By-Step Guide

Alima Pure Satin Matte Foundation Find Your Match Sets

About Find Your Match

With 45 shades of our award-winning Satin Matte Foundation, we wanted a simple way for our customers to figure out which shade is the best match for their skin--even while shopping online. So, we designed our Find Your Match Sets. They're eight thoughtfully curated kits with all the essentials for getting your hands on a silky smooth all-natural mineral foundation that blends seamlessly with your skin tone.

Our Satin Matte Foundation range has two variables--depth, and undertone--so we take both of those factors into account with our Find Your Match Sets. It's apparent how light or dark your skin is, so a Find Your Match Set allows you test out several different undertones based on your skin's depth, and decide which one is the best match for your skin after you've tried it and lived in it a few times. 

Each set includes 10 samples of Satin Matte Foundation for you to try, plus a Kabuki Brush and a $10 credit toward the full size of your new Satin Matte Foundation.

There are 5 undertones of our Satin Matte Foundation--Cool, Neutral, Beige, Warm, and Olive. The beauty of Find Your Match is that your skin will tell you which shade works best for your skin. In each set, you'll find two shades of each undertone, so you can try a slightly lighter and a slightly deeper shade.

Alima Pure Find Your Match Sets

Selecting a Set

It’s easy to choose a Find Your Match Set that works for you skin--even through a screen. All eight sets are grouped together by depth. Select the number that corresponds with how light or deep your skin is. Set 1 is the lightest, and Set 8 is the deepest. 

Find Your Match Set 1

Testing  Your Foundation Samples 

In natural lighting, sweep a line of foundation onto the side of your face. Start in front of your ear, and sweep downward toward the chin. Test several shades next to each other for an easy comparison. The shade that blends in best--almost disappearing into your skin--is your match. Apply it to a clean face in sheer layers, blending outward from the nose with the Kabuki Brush. Wear your match for a few days to test it in different lighting and with the rest of your makeup. The one that looks and feels right to you is your match!


Redeeming Your Credit

Your set will contain a coupon code for $10 off your full size Satin Matte Foundation match. 

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