Your Pressed Eyeshadow Shade, According to Your July Horoscope

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Back by popular demand, we've got your special edition July Horoscope to help you select the perfect Pressed Eyeshadow shade for summer.  What's your sign?

Change is in the air, which can be scary, but it’s ripe with opportunities for you as you come into your sun sign. It’s your time to shine at work or take on a new project. Though there will be roadblocks, it’s time to embrace the challenge of being the go-to person for making things happen. Own it with Pressed Eyeshadow in Luxe.

Several areas of your life seem to be picking up speed--relationships, work, your summertime schedule in general. Take the first few weeks of the month to catch up with the friends you’ve been missing recently. As you approach your sun sign, your energy and ambition ramp up as July draws to a close. New beginnings--a new project, a new relationship, or just a fresh outlook--are on the horizon. Welcome them with a versatility and brightness (aka, Pressed Eyeshadow (and highlighter) in Isla).


A visit from your muse will lend some extra creativity during July. There’s plenty of energy to expand your circle of concern to encompass new philanthropic endeavors or philosophical ideas. Your hunger for new ideas and new ways of being helpful in the world lead to powerful experiences that teach you about yourself, and the things that matter most to you. Your eyeshadow color reflects a refreshed and empowered spirit with steel blue Pressed Eyeshadow in Dusk.


Your persistence is what’s getting you places at the moment, so stick to your gut instincts and you’ll find that many of the small elements you thought would be crucial to a successful outcome weren’t that essential. You are capable of so much all on your own, and you’ll have the support of others close by to root for you in July. Keep it up, and don’t panic when things don’t go as planned. Keep your eyeshadow look simple and polished with Pressed Eyeshadow in Mirage.


It’s a good time to find your crew in a larger, more collective sense. Joining a club or an association of sorts in July is a great time to meet new, like-minded folks. Whether you’re looking for collaborators, mentors, or general camaraderie, a new group will open plenty of new doors for exploration and discovery. Try a fresh new eye color to go with your new pals, like smoky golden-green Myth. It’s a beautiful gateway color to other new and exciting things.


You may feel a confusing overlap of work and play coming on, so it’ll be important to  draw clear limits for yourself and practice saying no every now and then. It’s a time for growth at work, so spend a little time pondering and refreshing the long-term goals that matter most to you, and you’ll feel newly motivated. Fresh, pearly-white Pressed Eyeshadow in Zephyr will add some spring to your step.


It might be time to withdraw a bit and seek R+R. If your calendar’s been filled to the brim lately, pencil in some solitude to catch up sleep, your favorite shows, or that list of things you’ve been leaving unchecked. Simplifying your surroundings will give you the fresh start you’ve been looking for. Keep your eye look fresh with silvery cool-toned Icon.


"I define me. You define you.” Fellow Aquarius Chelsea Handler’s words of wisdom are a welcome pick-me-up whenever you feel distracted from or disappointed in your progress toward long-term goals. It’s no easy feat to dust yourself off when you feel uninspired, but bold, cheerful sky-blue Cosmic should do just the trick. Define your eyes with it using the Ultra-Fine Liner Brush and a teeny bit of Eye Primer.


July brings plenty of time to be bold and chase a new adventure. While it may be time to check in and reflect at work, your avenues of personal creative expression feel limitless. You may find yourself feeling lucky a few times in July. Call attention to your bold and adventurous spirit with Pressed Eyeshadow in Siren.


You’ll spend a lot of energy trying to reestablish balance and harmony with your family and inside yourself. Look for opportunities to build consensus, to smooth things over, and be willing to make concessions and adaptations. The peace you achieve in doing so will be worth it. Sandy rose-gold Gamine is your go-to neutral while you’re remaining calm.


You may feel a tugging--or perhaps a total swing--in your focus between your home life and work life. There’s a divvying up of responsibilities that may require extra attention, but plenty of opportunities for improved communication and growth as a result. You might be tempted by the instinct to keep your concerns to yourself. Trust that getting everyone on the same page will lead to more resolution than confrontation. A calming, neutral color suits the patient and collected demeanor you exude. Try Pressed Eyeshadow in Ethereal


You’ll be invested in improving your communication skills and general organization. Maybe you’ve been thinking about taking up a foreign language--now’s the time to get started. You’ve been craving a new intellectual challenge, and July is ripe with opportunities for that expanding yourself in that respect. Rock smoky taupe-bronze Instinct as a smoky eye while you practice your pronunciations.

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