Smooth + Prime: Tested and Reviewed

Smooth + PrimeSmooth + Prime is new to our collection, but it’s already become a key player in our starting lineup. It does exactly what it says: it smoothes your skin for a calm complexion, refined pores, an even skin tone, while priming your face for a fresh foundation application that lasts all day. If you’re looking for the magical answer to an oily complexion and/or afternoon shine on your t-zone, Smooth + Prime is here for you, dear friend.

It’s formulated with anti-inflammatory clary sage water that helps to soothe the skin before makeup application, and absorbent silica to keep your skin looking fresh and matte. It tamps down on oiliness and creasing, and because it calms and prepares the skin so well, we find ourselves using less makeup to even out our skin when we use Smooth + Prime. The result? Makeup that feels more lightweight than ever, and coverage that stays natural and fresh all day long.

Here’s what actual, real life customers are saying about Smooth + Prime:

“Super smooth face and ideal match with Liquid Silk foundation!”

“Love! Before I used this product my face always looked oily at the end of the day when using just the Satin Matte Foundation. I wear glasses and sometimes it looked like my makeup became unblended especially around my nose by the end of the day. Now, my makeup looks flawless anytime of day! Super happy for this product and so easy to use!”

“The best all natural primer I have used so far. Doesn’t leave me with breakouts and it gives a matte finish. If it’s too mattifying, you can always add a drop of facial oil to it or on your face before apply primer.”

“I have normal skin and I have been looking for a primer that does not end up looking like a oily film on my face by midday. Well, thank goodness for Alima Pure Smooth + Prime. Does exactly what it promises to do. LOVE IT!”

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