Meet the Sculpting Brush + Other Face Brush Faves

Alima Pure cruelty free sculpting makeup brush

We’ve added some new friends to our brush lineup in the last few months, and here’s how we’re using them (and the rest of the gang) for fresh-faced, winter-proof coverage.

Our newest go-to brush (above) for various glow-related products. Use it in a back-and-forth blending motion to apply your favorite Blush, Bronzer, or Highlighter for a lit-from-within natural finish.

Liquid Foundation Brush

Ideal for evenly-blended Liquid Silk Foundation. Blend outward from the T-Zone, leaving the edges of your face with less coverage for a more seamless finish.

Ideal for light to medium coverage with Satin Matte Foundation and Pressed Foundation. Add a small amount of powder to the bristles, and blend using downward strokes to apply sheer layers. For fuller coverage, repeat with additional sheer layers.

Flat Top Brush

Ideal for fuller coverage with powder foundation. Use circular motions to buff even layers of powder, working outward from the T-zone. Its compact size and smaller bristles make it an excellent travel companion.

Concealer Brush

Ideal for targeted coverage near the nose, mouth, under the eyes, and over areas of redness. Blend well, and if desired, use a delicate tapping motion with powders over the top of Cream Concealer to set your coverage.

Soft Focus Brush

Our favorite for a delicate touch. The two-tiered diffusing bristles ensure you never have too much product on your brush for a subtle, well-blended finish. Use circular motions to create that ethereal, well-lit look.

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