Introducing Eye Primer

Alima Pure Eye Primer

Do you ever feel like your eye makeup has its own migratory pattern? Perhaps it heads South later into the evening, or somehow ends up congregating in your crease, or even disappears altogether by lunch time. Enter Eye Primer: it keeps your eye makeup smooth, smudge-free, and true to its colors until you’re ready to take it off. 

Eye Primer is formulated to do two things: first, to nourish and protect your delicate eye area, and second, to help your eye makeup maintain its vibrant pigment and rich finish as long as you’re wearing it. 

Eye Primer is suitable for all skin types, made with nourishing natural ingredients, vegan, gluten free, and fragrance-free. Try it under the Soft Metallic Set and the Smoky Eye Set for bolder, longer-lasting color payoff.