Father's Day

We are so grateful to our fathers for the wisdom and silliness they add to the world. Father's Day is this Sunday, June 17th, and to honor the day, we're sharing some advice our staffer's fathers have shared over the years. We're also including a quick last minute gift guide for the fathers who have it all, plus some pictures to prove that our dads all had variations of the same haircut. Happy Father's Day!

Sara Bedau, Alima Pure Brand Director, and father

My dad largely shaped who I am today. He sought to teach me to be independent and that we are ultimately responsible for our selves and our actions. We have power over our perspective. Apologizing does not absolve us of consequences of our actions. And that music sets your heart free - Sara, Brand Director


One piece of advice my dad gave to me regarding work is something I have repeated to my own kids: find something you love to do. The other thing my dad taught me is the importance of family, fun, and laughter. - Karin, Vice President of Operations


My dad has taught me not to limit myself, that I can do whatever I put my mind to. Also that there will always be people better than you on any given subject, but maybe not always as nice as you, and who wants to be around an unpleasant person? - Kara, Social Media Manager and Marketing Coordinator


My dad taught me the importance of reading often, working hard, finding humor in the ordinary, and making time to relax. He also told me “if anything falls off the passenger seat, you're driving way too fast”  which I still hold to be true today. -Grace, Content Strategist


Need a last minute gift? Here are a few staff suggestions for those dads who say they don't want anything.


For the Dad-to-Be: Crawling: A Father's First Year by Elisha Cooper. This memoir of essays hilariously and beautifully chronicles Cooper's first year of fatherhood.

For the Minimalist-Man: Mack Weldon makes amazing basics that will last- you may even want to snag some no-show socks for yourself.

For the Music Lover:  A subscription to Spotify allows you to share music all year long.

For the Dad with Wanderlust: Escape by Gray Malin. A welcome addition to any coffee table, this book pictures beachscapes of Bora Bora, mountains in Aspen, and many gorgeous places in between.

For the Adventure Dad: If you father likes experience-based gifts, why not give the gift of quality time by taking him on a scenic hike?  This website allows you to pay ahead of time for parking in the National Forests of Washington and Oregon, so your dad can't insist on paying.


Happy Father's Day!