Mineral Makeup for Acne Prone Skin

The very first step to working with makeup for acne prone skin is to make sure your previous makeup application removal is thorough. While keeping up with a good cleanser and moisturizer that works well with your skin is necessary before any application of makeup, the makeup brushes you use and the care you take of your products may be equally important.

Using our makeup brushes, which are made from hypoallergenic and cruelty-free taklon bristles, will eliminate irritation and harmful buffing of the skin. Be sure to clean the brushes regularly (at least once a month) with gentle soap. If your brushes are not clean, they can hold and spread unwanted bacteria, which can be extremely irritating to acne skin. Truthfully, complete removal of makeup is probably the most effective acne treatment. Because minerals can adhere to the skin quite well, it is best to use something like a microfiber cloth to be sure every bit of makeup is removed. Avoid the use of harsh soaps that can strip natural oils from the skin, as this can make your skin oilier, and contribute to new breakouts.

So, after understanding the importance of healthy application and removal of makeup, what’s the best makeup for acne prone skin? Alima Pure’s mineral makeup is your best bet because everything we make is free of oils, preservatives and binders, and only contain the necessary ingredients—nothing else. In some cases, these ingredients may even help alleviate skin acne because it won’t clog your pores and will allow the skin to breathe while still creating coverage. Titanium dioxide and zinc oxide, two of Alima’s natural ingredients in our Satin Matte Foundation, act as natural sun blocks. In fact, zinc oxide is an FDA approved skin protectant and has anti-inflammatory properties. The fact that our mineral foundation is high in this ingredient proves it can be helpful in calming acne skin.

People sometimes worry that powder mineral cosmetics do not provide enough coverage for extreme acne prone skin, but there are many ways to create more coverage with mineral makeup. Try adding our foundation or concealer to your favorite moisturizer for specific spot coverage. Applying foundation in light layers (letting it sit before applying more) will actually create more coverage than adding a lot at once. Also, you can use our Balancing Primer Powder to keep oil at bay and set a good under layer for foundation.

Being aware of these tips will ensure a positive experience with mineral makeup for acne prone skin. Keep in mind the extra need for clean brushes and complete removal of makeup at the end of the day, and these steps will greatly improve your process of healthy acne skin care.